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Jean Claude Cenatus to Run for West Orange Township Council

Credits: Jean Claude Cenatus

WEST ORANGE, NJ - (Editor's Note: Tap Into West Orange will continue to publish press releases and more relating to the Mayoral and Town Council elections in November. The opinions continued in the press releases are those of the candidates.)

I moved to West Orange in the fall of 2003 and was immediately greeted by the customary tax increase. If it is true that what goes up must come down, property tax in our town, does not submit itself to the law of gravity. The tax dilemma is but one of the vexing problems facing our town. Crime, as a direct result of the cut in our police force is on the rise. Our downtown needs to be renovated in order attract businesses. We seem to be suffering what a former New Jersey Governor once called “a failure of imagination”. If some the faces of those in the town administration have changed, the policies have remained the same. It is impossible to present the very same program year after year and still expect a different result. In order to craft a solution that will create a suitable environment to help us reverse this all too familiar trend, it is necessary to install a new team with fresh ideas, one that will take into account the interest of the residents instead of taking care of their own comfort. The foregoing are the reasons why I have accepted the call to enter the race.

I immigrated to the United States in 1980. I worked at various jobs and opened my own business, a parking lot in Newark and became part owner of a restaurant in Elizabeth NJ. I later went to Essex County College where I obtained an associate degree in Social Science and a B.A degree in French literature from Montclair State University. I have also completed all the requirements for my Master’s degree in the very same field at MSU. I am currently employed as a French teacher and have been teaching for the past ten years. I started as a sub-teacher, then along term sub teacher, an assistant teacher to finally work as a full time one.

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I discovered that there are striking similarities between managing a town and managing a classroom. To begin with, a classroom is a microcosm of a town in that it reflects the hopes and exemplifies the expectations of its residents. As the central figure in the class, you are responsible for the success of the students entrusted to your care.  You set the tone and you work hard to make it a successful year. The very same principle applies to city government.

The fact that I have successfully over the years managed my classroom gives me the impetus to believe that I will be able to transfer the same skills into the affairs of our city government.

I am Jean Claude Cenatus, an independent candidate for Town Council.

To live in West Orange is to love West Orange. But love can’t be completely blind. We are facing come very serious issues that have not been addressed. If it is true that there are only two certain things in life, namely “death and taxes”, the latter can certainly kill. A town taxed to the max may slowly decay. Money does not grow on trees. No well is eternal; no spring can be exploited forever. It is therefore urgent that a new team that will be responsive to the town’s needs be put in place to solve our pressing problems. Imagine with me for a moment bustling downtown, spaces that are not in a perpetual “state of rent”. Imagine people coming to shop, dine and buy our closed homes, and visualize the revenues that we will collect, and imagine, (as a direct result of our innovative thinking), the sigh of relief when your property tax bill is stabilized. It is possible.  All we need is to stand together and vote the “Together West Orange Team” headed by Rodolfo Rodriguez, our next Mayor. To that end, I humbly ask for your support. “One Community, One team, Your team”

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