SOUTH ORANGE, NJ - Sadie's, located on Valley Street here in downtown South Orange, is owned by Cat Fisher and is run with a social conscience. During Play Day 2019, Sadie's presented a fabulous fall fashion show, and the featured models were nine clients from JESPY House.

The show was held on the Main stage at the west end of the Play Day Festivities on South Orange Avenue. You can watch the show by clicking here!

The JESPY clients modeled Sadie's new fall arrivals, and a number of Sadie's famous tee shirts each bearing a social message. JESPY Clients have modeled Sadie's Fashions in a previous fashion show.

Fisher not only has JESPY House clients model in Sadie's fashion shows, but has an ongoing relationship with JESPY House and trains some of the clients on how to work in a retail store, both at Sadie's and her other business, Kitchen A La Mode.