LITTLE EGG HARBOR, NJ - The Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with local business Jetty Inc, to provide tasters and enthusiasts an opportunity to pre order Official Chowderwear Aug 4 through September 15. For the first time in the 32 year history, Chowderfest Merchandise will be available entirely online with a limited time E Commerce site powered by Jetty Inc. There is nothing that says fall in the Long Beach Island Region as the annual Chowderfest event. This year, due to restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce is celebrating with a month-long event including a virtual Chowder run event.

The Pre Order store will feature the most popular choices that Tasters have come to expect each year, including Tasters Tees, Hooded Sweatshirt, Long Sleeve T and, new this year, limited run Chowderfest Neck Gaiter that can be pulled up for mouth and nose covering. “I'm looking forward to expanding the reach and sales potential of Chowder gear knowing how popular it has been for many years. I think a negative pandemic has given us a fresh new look at expanding the Chowderfest brand while improving some facets that we were set in our ways about." states Jetty co-founder Jeremy DeFilippis. "A pre-order allows customers to shop at their convenience, well ahead of time, as opposed to just on the traditional 2 days of the event in the Fall. It also allows the Chamber to spend $0 out-of-pocket as we take in the pre-orders, tally them up, print and ship." Orders will be taken for a limited time now through September 15 to guarantee delivery for the Grand Champion Announcement on October 4.

By allowing a full month to share the spirit of the event, it allows customers to enjoy multiple restaurants at their own pace, avoiding overcrowding of  restricted space, visit merchants in store and online.  The extra time will give customers an opportunity to plan stops according to their comfort level that will bring a steady stream of business to those members who are participating.  Voting will begin September 5 on Labor Day Weekend for patrons to begin purchasing Chowder cups, pints and quarts, so they can even create a "Chowderfest at Your House" event. Each voter can register for free voting ballot and will receive the Chowderfest Virtual Information Packet.  The event will be supported by interactive content as well as the announcement for the Chowderfest 2020 Overall Champion happening October 4. In addition to the Limited Time online Chowderwear, there will be Photo Op stops, digital mapping, and Secret Sale Merchant Listing. All this will be housed online at There will no cost for consumers to get the information needed to vote or tour the ChowdeRestaurant & Merchant Month businesses.