As my two partners and I continue on with our charity project, news events occur that open up fresh possibilities for getting celebrities involved.  These are two recent developments:  

As most of you may know, actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested and tried recently in connection with a disappearing necklace.  She was sentenced to 120 days of confinement to her home.  Since she was going to have some free time on her hands my team and I decided to offer her the opportunity to review a film.  The movie in question is a 90 minute documentary on America’s obsession with fame and the famous entitled, “Meeting the Beautiful People.”   Since Ms. Lohan has deep experience with the world of fame we thought it might be a good fit.  I wrote her management company and informed them that if she agreed to review the film she could have the worldwide rights to sell to any company she wanted as long as she took the money from that sale and donated it to the charity of her choice.  I assured them this would be a small time commitment:  90 minutes to watch the movie and maybe an hour or so to write the review.  I called her management company a few days ago.  They hung up on me.  I guess that means they’re not really interested.  On to the next celebrity!

David Arquette appeared recently on E-bay auctioning off a “ticket” to a barbecue in his backyard.  The starting bid for this party invitation was $5,000.00.  Mr.  Arquette himself appeared on the site in a video assuring possible bidders that he had a recipe for a rib sauce that would make take their mind to another planet.  After 5 days there were no bids but a flurry of activity on the last day ran the ticket price up to $6,900.00.  The money was to be donated to charity.  Once again my team and I met for coffee at the Berkeley Heights Dunkin Donuts and decided that David Arquette seemed to be one of Hollywood’s most charitable personalities and might be interested in getting involved in our “movie review” project.  (In July of 2009 Mr. Arquette spent two days living in a Plexiglas glass box on the roof of Madison Square Garden to raise money and awareness for the non-profit group Feeding America.)  

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We sent David Arquette’s agent and manager a letter detailing our “Meeting the Beautiful People” offer.   It was the same offer we sent to Lindsay Lohan.  We also sent the offer to his company, Coquette Productions, which he owns with Courtney Cox.  (All these addresses and phone numbers for celebrities are available to the public on   We try to contact all these celebrities as professionally as possible.)  Although our hope for Mr. Arquette’s involvement was running high the outcome is not looking good.  We’ve called and emailed numerous times but have received no response. 

Though these rejections may seem a bit distressing that’s not the effect it has on us.  We believe this is a “numbers game” and all you have to do is keeping trying until you reach that number, or person, where everything changes.  In the end some celebrities will come forward, review these films, and help get some money to some worthy causes.  So we’ll keep fighting until that happens.     

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Jim Riffel lives in Chatham, New Jersey.  He graduated from NYU Film School and has written and directed 10 feature films.   His feature, “Mass of Angels” won the Grand Prize at The Big Apple Film Festival and was described by the Northampton Film Festival as being “reminiscent of the finest works of Roman Polanski and David Lynch.”   “Black-Eyed Susan,” a stylistic murder mystery he wrote and directed, won the Best Feature award at New Jersey’s Garden State Film Festival.  His screenplay, “Murder Trust” was optioned by Harvey Keitel and was recently in development with Ethan Hawke in the starring role.