My name is Joanne Veech and I am running for re-election to the Randolph Township Council. 

Early in life, I would regularly attend Council meetings with my father in my hometown so I could understand local governance. As I studied the issues, I gained a much better sense of the discussions and issues raised during those meetings. I enjoyed the ensuing conversations with my dad and recognized the importance of volunteerism. This led me to seek leadership opportunities as I entered my high school years. I found those opportunities as a participant in student government.  I was elected to office all four years, serving my senior year as student government president. During those formative years, I found listening to and representing the views of my fellow students to be very gratifying. It truly became a passion of mine. I continued this pursuit in college and believe this experience reinforced my ability to formulate new ideas and enact desired policy changes for the betterment not only of the student body, but the surrounding community as well.

The desire to involve myself in the Randolph community, in which my husband and I chose to raise our family, grew from these past experiences.  Shortly after moving to Randolph, I served as a volunteer for the schools, as a teacher in our church’s religious education program, and on several booster clubs.  I thoroughly enjoyed this time spent volunteering. I extended my service to Randolph’s Board of Adjustment and several of our township’s advisory committees.  After these many years of volunteer service, along with my MBA in finance, and my work experience in one of the world’s premier professional services firm, I felt prepared to run for township council.  It was an honor to be elected to the council in 2012 and to serve in leadership roles as Deputy Mayor in 2014 and 2020, and Mayor in 2015.    

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During my service to our Randolph community, I am proud to have initiated:

  • The Share the Keys program not only in Randolph, but the State of New Jersey
  • The new residents welcome meeting – where new residents are introduced to town hall and the many services offered
  • The annual realtors meeting – which provides realtors with updated township information to be shared with interested clients
  • The new community garden – the largest municipal community garden in the state of NJ. 

Through my commitment and dedication, I am experienced. I am asking for your vote to continue to allow me the honor of serving you and creating new programs for our community.

Vote for Joanne Veech, a seasoned, experienced volunteer.