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Jungle Gym Jam Releases Album with Music, Message for Kids


MONTCLAIR, NJ - Kindie band Jungle Gym Jam has released a kid-friendly album sharing positive messages about anti-bullying, friendship, kindness, imagination and active play.

On Sunday, Jan. 26, the band released its album “Everyone’s Invited” at their launch party at Just Jake’s Bar and Restaurant in Montclair. They not only had family-fun activities, but performed their entire album for their guests.

Jason Didner, host of Cool Rockin’ Daddy Video Show and founder of Jungle Gym Jam, said, “I’m very pleased with how the album captures the live experience we’ve shared with audiences.”

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Didner and his wife, Amy, both created the wholesome lyrics and album of tunes released by the band. The album takes parents, grandparents, and kids of all ages on a wonderful journey that shares messages of kindness and friendship, while encouraging imagination, active play, and a love of learning.

“Moments such as when a toddler shakes a maraca with a smile on his face; a young mother rocks her baby in time with the music; or a pair of elementary school-aged girls invent a new dance to go with a song they heard for the first time,” Didner said.

The Didners approach their songwriting with humor. Much of which is inspired by everyday discoveries with their 2-year-old daughter, Holly, whom they call the “heart and soul” of the band.

Their parenting experiences are reflected in tunes, such as “My Glasses,” where they learn their 1-year-old needs to wear glasses; “Peek-a-boo Moon,” which captures the excitement of a young child’s discovery as she watches a cloud drifting away revealing the moon; “Five Sea Lions,” where kids have fun learning how to count; “The People Exhibit at the Zoo,” where a father and child bond while discovering that animals at the zoo are as fascinated by us as we are with them; and the band’s signature song, “Jungle Gym Jam,” which communicates messages of anti-bullying and encourages kids to “put down that video game and get outside and play.”

“Everyone’s Invited” is now available on iTunes at The CD can also be ordered CD Baby for $12.99 at

A companion e-book to “Everyone’s Invited” is available free-of-charge online at ( content/uploads/2014/01/Everyones-Invited-Companion-Book-to-the-Album.pdf) with stories and words behind the songs and fun activities, such as coloring pages and puzzles. 

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