My name is Jennifer Reasoner and I am a parent of two students at Merriam Avenue school. My oldest is in the 4th grade. It has recently come to my attention, through talking with a few other parents, that the Board of Education has decided to move the 5th grade students from Merriam Ave to Halstead Middle school for the 2014/15 school year in an effort to make more room for preschool enrollment at Merriam. Once the word got passed around by the parents, some were able to get to the last board meeting. They reported that they got the impression the decision had already been made in the minds of the board members.
There are numerous reasons why many of the parents who know about this are against it, which is outlined in our online petition, (including the lack of space). Unfortunately, this issue has not been publicized so many are not aware. Nonetheless, this issue will be voted on at the next BOE meeting on Dec.10 at 7pm.
We'd like to get the word out to as many Newton families as we can, notifying them of the board meeting and of our online petition, to give them a chance to be heard and involved in a decision that could impact their children's education.
This is the link to our petition, please read it to understand our reasoning behind this and consider signing it to help keep our children where they belong. Thank you!