KENILWORTH, NJ - Please see the following message from Superintendent Kyle C. Arlington.

Dear School Community:

RE: Mid-Week Health Check-In

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As you know too well by now, the factors that govern whether schools are open for in-person learning change quickly, so we continue to urge parents to keep childcare and other contingency plans in place.

This week’s daily review of COVID-19 data and situations compel us to send these critical reminders.

If you are in doubt about your child’s daily health, please keep him/her home.

If parents or other household members test positive for COVID-19, children in the household must remain home to isolate, even if they test negative.

If children are awaiting test results, they are not permitted in school.

If children are coming back to school after having been tested for COVID-19, please be prepared to share those results with the school.

There are too many individual and unique scenarios to include in this mid-week check-in. Therefore, please lean on our district’s medical team. In tandem with your physician, the team is here to guide you and review your individual situation in accordance with our district’s health and wellness protocols. Their contact information is included below.

Also note, we will provide an update by the end of the week on the potential for Brearley to return to inperson/hybrid learning next week. Until then, please review information from our school nurses, as well as our weekly COVID-19 Dashboard to keep informed. And, please keep the following in mind:

Members of the school community are required to report COVID-related health data. Please do so by emailing your school’s principal:

Brearley Middle-High School Principal Jeremy Davies

Harding Elementary School Principal Ron Bubnowski



Kyle C. Arlington

Superintendent of Schools


Contact Information

Harding School Interim Principal

Ronald Bubnowski 908-276-5936 Ext.1512


Brearley School Principal

Jeremy Davies 908-931-9696 Ext. 2303


Harding School Nurse

Collin Bishop 908-276-5936 Ext. 1530


Brearley School Nurse

Melissa Condo 908-931-9696 Ext. 2316


District Nurse

Meaghan Bottino 908-276-5936 Ext. 1530


Athletic Trainer

Ryan Jayne 


Harding School Main Office

908-276-5936 Ext. 1510


Brearley School Main Office

908-931-9696 Ext. 2300