KENILWORTH, NJ- internationally award-winning musician, Sujeet Desai, will perform and speak about his experience as an adult with Down syndrome at David Brearley on April 25.

Desai has been featured on “The View,” “Oprah Winfrey,” and has received a slew of honors and awards. He will hold an inspirational discussion with his mother, Dr. Sindoor Desai, before performing.

“I feel very fortunate and lucky to have come across Dr. Sindoor Desai [Sujeet’s mother] on a whatsapp group called Humsafar, comprised of families who have children and adults with Down syndrome,” Monika Tiwari, chairperson of the Kenilworth Special Education Parents Advisory group, said. “I decided to invite him to Kenilworth to raise awareness in our community about people with disabilities. Mr. Desai is an inspiration, not just for individuals with disabilities, but also for the entire community.”

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Desai plays more than eight instruments, and is an ambassador for Down Syndrome International. He will speak about his pathway to success and his mother will speak about parental advocacy, struggles for inclusion and Multiple Intelligence Theory [a theory that there are different types of intelligence], according to Tiwari.

“He is a proven example that with appropriate support, nurturing, and inclusion, people with disabilities can achieve anything that their heart desires,” Tiwari said. “It is common to have limited expectations from a person with disability, which automatically limits the opportunities for children with disabilities. The goal of this event would be fulfilled if the attendees leave with a thought to ponder about the rights of every individual, inclusion and acceptance of differences among us.”

Desai will perform at David Brearley High School/Middle School on April 25 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event is free to attend.  

“I would like to thank Kenilworth Public Schools and the amazing people of Kenilworth, who are very inclusive and supportive,” Tiwari said. “I would also like to extend our gratefulness to the staff and administration of Kenilworth Inn, who are generously welcoming the presenters at their hotel free of charge.”