Hi everyone! We’re Knowt, a company founded in New Jersey that’s going to revolutionize the way we all learn. We’re a team of students that started Knowt while attending a local high school, and we want to share what we’re building with the community where it all started.

Knowt was founded back in 2015 when we noticed that for all the classes we took, we would spend much of our time crafting meticulous and detailed notes - but we would never really study from those notes. After asking around, we realized that other students were in the same situation. So, we thought, if we spend so long taking notes, why don’t we learn from them? 

The answer is simple.

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Notes aren’t easy to study from. We don’t learn by reading, we learn by doing—by assessing, by evaluating, by quizzing.

And that’s where Knowt was born: it was an app that would take your notes and instantly give you quizzes to study from. Back then, Knowt was just a few lines of code and a cool idea, but we quickly made progress. We’ve now raised a seed round of funding valuing our company at $1.35 million, and are in the process of releasing a teacher platform that will introduce Knowt to even more students in New Jersey. You can read more about our app at https://knowt.io, where you can also download it on the App Store/Google Play Store, or try it out on the web.

Knowt’s platform provides students with a new way of studying, and to educate students about this new method, we’re hosting an event in the South Plainfield Library on January 11th from 1-4 PM. At the event, we’ll go over how students can use Knowt to significantly improve their studying and cover how parents and teachers can get more involved in Knowt’s mission of changing the future of education. Please stop by during any time that works! You’ll have the opportunity to see a few short tutorials, learn more about our mission,  and of course, munch on a few snacks. 

We look forward to seeing you there!