Dear Debby,

I'm a teacher who was recently told I am going to be laid off. I'm the main income earner in our family and my wife is really concerned, particularly given the economy and the market for teachers currently.

Any advice for me?

Laid Off Larry


Laid off Larry,

Have you considered private tutoring? It can be quite lucrative in many areas. You could tutor students in your area of expertise or another possibility is SAT/ACT prep. I know when my children needed some extra help that I ended up spending a hefty sum.

Alternatively, maybe it is time for a career change. We all have to go where the jobs are and if there are no opportunities teaching, reinvent yourself. Look on the websites for employment in the area and see if something interests you. I would like to say the old standard "Think of something you love doing and find a way to be paid for it" but I know in this economy and a family to feed it is not that easy.

Networking is crucial. Make sure as many people you know understand you are available and open to new ideas. It is amazing what you might fall into.

Good luck and know that you are not alone!

Best wishes,