Large Turnout For The Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee's Meet The Candidates Event

The Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee held a Meet the Candidates Event, April 4. Assemblywomen Nancy Munez and Assemblyman Jon Bramnick are behind the "Woodruff Kingley Faecher" team. Credits: Bobbie Peer
Mayoral Candidate Bob Woodruff speaks to the crowd on working together to build the future of Berkeley Heights. Credits: Bobbie Peer
Marc Faecher, an Environmental Lawyer by trade, greets residents at candidates event.  Credits: Bobbie Peer
Bob Woodruff answers questions with residents attending the meet and greet event. Credits: Bobbie Peer
Council President Jeanne Kingsley talks with neighboring officials. Credits: Bobbie Peer
Nearly 200 attended the Meet the Candidates event. Credits: Bobbie Peer

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Primary campaign season is underway as The Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee held a voter information event for residents to meet and greet the "Woodruff, Kingsley, Faecher" team running for office in the upcoming Republican Primary Election on June 3.  

The Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee selected Bob Woodruff as the ticket nominee for mayor along with incumbent Jeanne Kingsley and newcomer Marc Faecher as their candidates for Township Council.

 They are running on the following platform -- TOGETHER: BUILDING THE FUTURE OF BERKELEY HEIGHTS.  

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"It's when the Mayor and Township Council work effectively together and work with the residents, volunteers, municipal staff, non-profit organizations, business and corporate community, along with School, County and State officials that we can effectively move forward," said Woodruff.

Nearly 200 people filled the room at Mt. Carmel Hall on April 4 for the Meet the Candidates event supporting Bob Woodruff, Jeanne Kingsley and newcomer Marc Faecher.  

Elected officials including the Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick, Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz, Berkeley Heights Town Councilmen [Kevin Hall, Craig Pastore, Ed Delia, Tom Pirone] and neighboring town representatives came out to show their support of the Woodruff, Kingsley, Faecher team -- Mountainside Councilman Glenn Mortimer, Republican Chair of Summit Lisa Allen, Summit Mayor Ellen Dickson, New Providence Mayoral Candidate Al Morgan and former mayor of Morristown Jay DeLaney were all in attendance. 

"We're so delighted that we get to represent Berkeley Heights and the other 15 towns in District 21," said Munoz. "You are really a model for what good government is. We are for you and behind you, we are looking for the good leadership that we have in these candidates."

The Repubican Committee has worked very hard to build a team that has a unique skill set and really cares about what's best for the residents said Kingsley. "The collaboration and teamwork that exists in the council today.  There is a lot of skill that is involved in making the decisions that affect the property values and the quality of life that you live in."  

"We really want to see Berkeley Heights improved. It's the comradery and skills and the quality on the council that made me say yes [to running for Township Council three years prior], and it's that same quality and skills that exist today that made me want to run again," said Kingsley.

Kinglsey stated the accomplishments the council has made with the launching of the communications committee and the partnerships that have been strengthened between the local communities -- the work with the County and State.  " We are partnering with our local communities to do what we can do to make Berkeley Heights a better place to live and we have a vision for it," said Kingsley.

"The skills that are necessary to take us forward and fix the infrastructure are critical the next three years. It will take a certain skill set to take us in that direction," said Kingsley.

Kingsley introduced, Marc Faecher, a 20 year resident of Berkeley Heights and newcomer to the political arena, as her running mate. He is passionate about correcting the dismal conditions of the fields said Kingsley.  "His mission is to come up with private and public funds to come up with a way to advance our fields."  Faecher is an environmental lawyer by trade and will really be a valuable addition to the council stated Kingsley.

Faecher stated that the only way to move forward together is to discuss the issues, learn about them and execute on the business plan.  Faecher said, "I bring skill to the council to make do with the money we have, look to employ private and public partnerships, find grant money for the fields and face the issues we have with the municipal complex." 

The Republican Muncipal Committee made a decision to make a change and give the line to Bob Woodruff instead of the incumbent Mayor Joe Bruno.  

"This was not personal," said David Ronner, Chairman of The Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee.  "We had many positive challenges.  We, as a municipal community, believe that Bob Woodruff is the right person to approach these challenges.  He has integrity, intelligence and we believe he has the skill as a collaborative leader to lead the township to a better place.  We already have a very good town but we can make it better.  Bob Woodruff can lead us to that point." 

Bob is a fiscal conservative who evaluates costs of operating the town, decreased municipal taxes, reduced operating expenses, and was the lead negotiator for union contracts said Ronner. 

Bob Woodruff took the podium with pride and recognized his fellow councilmen.  "I'm proud to continue to work with this group. This is an extremely hard working group. They bring unique skill sets to the table, they also bring a commonality of purpose and a commonality  of passion. That is important," said Woodruff.

He asked the citizens of Berkeley Heights to hold the Council accountable. "You have given us your trust, and it is our job, not only to earn it, but to keep it," said Woodruff.  

"The Council are individuals that put forth where we're going -- they are the ones with the vision. The Mayor has an obligation to share that vision, to contribute to the vision," said Woodruff.

"The Mayor should be the conduit to everybody in town: the citizens, business, corporate structure, our neighbors in New Providence and Summit, the County the State.  That's the Mayor's job.  The Mayor must do so in an articulate fashion and a responsible fashion," said Woodruff.

"We have initiatives that we need your help with. We need you to hold us accountable," said Woodruff as he promised he would work together.  

"We will work with New Providence, we will work with Summit, we will work with the County and we will work with the State.  These are difficult times, but we will all work together and we will get through it," said Woodruff. 

The candidates' platforms will be available through The Alternative Press of Berkeley Heights.  Primary polls are open on June 3 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.  

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