SUMMIT, NJ - Mayor Nora Radest was on hand with her custom shears to cut the ceremonial ribbon signifying the official opening of Revivify's new, expanded location at 68 River Road in Summit. Revivify offers a suite of services -- including cryotherapy, jade infrared sauna, percussion massage and pneumatic compression -- that assist the body’s efforts in healing, recovering, detoxifying, de-stressing, countering the effects of aging or limiting or eliminating painful conditions.

Now located in the Annex building situated in the front portion of the Equinox parking lot, the move was, according to Revivify's Managing Partner Marco diMayorca, primarily driven by the desire for more space.

"Though cryotherapy continues to be the gold standard and most-efficient solution to muscular, joint and skeletal inflammation and pain, we have been able to add two new services that cover previously overlooked needs."

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While Revivify added a mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy six months ago, the new space has a dedicated hyperbaric room, with plans to add a second, two-person chamber in short order. According to diMayorca, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy also targets the regeneration requirements of Revivify's existing clients but adds the capacity to target neural and brain tissues, assisting in recovery from concussions, TBI, stroke; helps in alleviating nerve degeneration and pain and forestalls the advance of symptoms associated with many degenerative cognitive conditions. It can be a supplemental therapy during radiation treatments for cancer and shows promise in enhancing the development of autistic children.

Broadening their scope in assisting with the alleviation of stress, anxiety, depression, Revivify launched float therapy and as an added service for regeneration and pain relief. Whether used as a sensory deprivation device or as a simple escape from everyday stressors, the benefits are wide-ranging and assist with many emotional and behavioral conditions.

"Both of these services require a tremendous amount of space which we now have," says diMayorca. "Additionally, we are able to service up to five clients at one time with local cryo, percussion massage and compression services along with our tried-and-true whole body cryo and jade infrared sauna."

What hasn't changed is Revivfy's main strength -- its technicians. 

"Our strongest asset, along with remaining at the forefront of technology in the naturopathic wellness field, has been our technicians," notes diMayorca, noting that, "We now have a facility that matches their excellence and supports their efforts."

To learn more about Revivify's services, call 908-273-2222 or visit