We’d like to address one more skin care blog on the subject of cosmetic laser therapies before moving on. We’ll probably come back to this subject. As we’ve been blogging about, lasers have had a huge impact in the field of cosmetic medical procedures, and the advances in the technology and its applications in the cosmetic medicine field is truly astonishing. They’re so effective, the procedures are sometimes called laser facelifts. Here at The Peer Group in northern New Jersey, our board certified plastic surgeons offer an entire Peer Laser Center that’s devoted to the use of lasers for hair removal, vein therapy and laser skin resurfacing treatments. So don’t be surprised if we come back to this subject as we reflect on the latest and greatest in professional skin care procedures.

One of the recent advances in laser skin care therapies is the Laser Genesis system. It uses non-invasive laser light to safely treat fine wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin texture, redness, and scars, restoring a smooth skin texture. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure produces a warming sensation of the skin, but topical anesthetics are not needed. Mild redness may occur following Laser Genesis skin care treatments, but subsides within a few hours. Commonly treated areas are the nose, cheeks and neck. Laser Genesis diminishes pore size and lessens or eliminates sun damage. Rosacea also responds well to Laser Genesis. With each treatment the redness is lessened. Four to six laser treatments are needed to achieve optimal results and provide the full benefits of this skin care therapy.

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