If you could give your children superpowers what would they be? The gift of extensive knowledge? Superhuman strength? Lightning speed?

What if these powers could last a lifetime, and even beyond, would you find a way to make sure your kids had it? Sure you would.

The truth of the matter is you already do. We all do. All of us value the power of education, and its ability to provide growth, strength and stability for life. It’s why many of us chose to raise our families here, in Livingston, NJ.

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Ours is an exemplary school system where quality education is the norm, our teachers are outstanding, our parents are involved, and our students aim higher. So, what more can we do to ensure continued success? ELEVATE. Choose your child’s superpower and ELEVATE.

I come from a family of educators and like you, I invested in my children’s education. Having put down roots in Livingston where we would raise our two kids, I poured myself into giving them the best opportunities, and, like many of you, I discovered there was a lot more to education than academic rigor. Managing social pressures, overcoming racial barriers, mental health and emotional well-being are all part of the equation. And this was what led me to establish the Orator Academy.

At Orator Academy, I teach strong communication skills to children at a younger age, so that they can ‘communicate with confidence.’ I’ve developed programs that integrate emotional resilience, relational intelligence and social intelligence. Children who understand and master these three foundational principles have an elevated chance at success, not just in school and college, but in life.

That’s why I am advocating for these skills to be part of education for the children of Livingston, an education that elevates them to become the very best they can be. I want every child to have all the tools they need to be strong members of society, not just of Livingston, but of the world. And I thank you in anticipation of your support, to elect me as a member of the Livingston Board of Education 

Let’s educate. Let’s elevate.