The Hilltop City's own Family Promise, the leading national nonprofit addressing the issue of family homelessness, continues to expand entering their fourth decade of transformative work.   Dr. Robert Marbut Jr., a pioneer in the field of homelessness, has joined the Family Promise National Board of Trustees.

Dr. Marbut is the embodiment of the organization’s assertion that family homelessness is a bipartisan issue.  He served as a White House Fellow to George H.W. Bush, but also served as chief of staff to Henry Cisneros, the Democratic mayor of San Antonio and President Clinton’s Secretary for HUD.  He was elected twice to the San Antonio City Council and served as Mayor-Pro-Tem.

In 2006, Dr. Marbut was selected as Founding President & CEO of Haven for Hope, a comprehensive homeless transformational center.  He developed The Seven Guiding Principles of Homeless Transformation, based on root causes and recovery, to inform the creation of holistically transformative environments to reduce homelessness. 

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“I’m excited to be joining the Family Promise board,” said Dr. Marbut.  “I love the methodology and soundness of their approach.  There are a lot of national programs out there, but very few focus so clearly on recovery.  Family Promise has always been recovery-based.  And you will never reduce homelessness unless you can get focused on recovery because that’s sustainable, that gets aggregate reduction.”

Dr. Marbut has long been a friend to Family Promise, attending past national conferences in Atlanta, Chicago, Long Beach, and Washington, DC.  He has worked with hundreds of communities, including numerous Family Promise Affiliates, in the service of families experiencing homelessness.

Angela Schroeder, Family Promise Board Chair, said, “The Board is thrilled to welcome Dr. Marbut.  His thought leadership and years of experience working in the area of family homelessness will inform our strategic planning process and enable us to increase our national impact on the families we serve.”

About Family Promise
Founded in Summit in 1988 to address homelessness in Union County, Family Promise has grown into a national organization with more than 200 Affiliates in 43 states. Since inception, Family Promise has served more than 825,000 people, the majority of them children. Family Promise Affiliates served more than 90,000 people last year by providing shelter, and case management, as well as homelessness prevention and stabilization services. On average, 82% of the families served by Family Promise secure housing within nine weeks of entering the program.