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Leonard Lance is Not a Moderate


Leonard Lance can permanently say goodbye to any notion of himself as being a moderate or mainstream or any other name he has incorrectly characterized himself as.  

During this primary season he has embraced the radical right with open arms, boasted that he was endorsed by the National Rifle Association and spent the entire primary season proving just how far to the right he actually is. So what is he going to do now? Pretend that he never said any of these things and continue to say he's a moderate for this moderate district?  

Let’s see how moderate Lance really is. He [voted to] shut down the government because he didn’t get his way, he continues to waste our time voting 56 times to repeal Obamacare, he wants to end Medicare as we know it by turning it into a voucher system and he voted for the Blunt Amendment which would allow employers to deny women contraceptives through their insurance plan. On gun legislation, Lance supports bringing illegal firearms into New Jersey by voting for the "Conceal and Carry Reciprocity Act ,"  HR 822. This would allow gun owners from other states to carry their concealed weapons in New Jersey  against our gun laws.  Unbelievably, he has even gone so far as to file a legal petition in conjunction with the National Rifle Association asking the Supreme Court to overturn New Jersey gun laws citing them as unconstitutional. All of this despite Governor Christie asking the Supreme Court to uphold the lower court’s decision to maintain our gun laws for public safety.

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Lance  is not only obstructive, he is dangerous.

There is only one true moderate out there and her name is Janice Kovach. Janice Kovach is someone who truly represents this moderate district and puts the concerns of residents first. She doesn't represent the gun lobby and she supports common sense federal background checks. She doesn’t want to turn Medicare into a voucher system and she doesn't want to let employers  to decide whether women get their contraceptives. She actually supports a jobs bill that will  repair  our crumbling infrastructure and create jobs. Where is the Republicans’ jobs bill? Anyone, anyone?

Lance and the Republicans have done nothing for this country but obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. They have a Ryan budget that gives more tax breaks to millionaires, turns Medicare into a voucher system and cuts every federal program to the bone. On gun control, Republicans can’t even support universal background checks to prevent criminals from buying illegal firearms and now Lance wants to bring illegal guns into New Jersey from out of state and overturn our gun laws. If you see someone at Starbucks the next time you are with your kids with a .22 caliber in his pocket, you can thank Leonard  Lance for that. It is bad enough that Lance does nothing to promote safe gun legislation, now it has gotten to the point that he is working in alliance with the NJ division of the NRA  to actively dismantle our gun laws and wants everyone carrying  concealed firearms? This man has got to be stopped. 
 Frankly , I’m sick and tired of Congressman Lance pretending he is a moderate and then doing the complete opposite.  

It is time this district knows the truth about Leonard Lance. What he represents is the Tea Party and the gun lobby. Lance will continue to drive himself further and further to the extreme right along Tea Party lines while he continues to pretend he is some kind of moderate. 

He does not represent  the mainstream views of this district but will continue to say  that he does. Do not be fooled. 

Karen Egert, Westfield


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