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Leonard Lance's Conscience is Questionable

To the Editor:

Leonard Lance has said he always ”votes his conscience.” Really? Because according to some of the votes he has cast in Congress, one might be a little skeptical as to what that conscience really is.

I don’t think the public knows some of his actual  votes. I recently was shocked and appalled to discover that  in November of 2011 he voted for Bill HR822 - Conceal and Carry Repricocity Act. This bill  would allow gun owners from other states to carry their guns into NJ - invalidating  NJ law which  prohibits carrying a concealed weapon. So if you have a permit from,Texas, let’s say, to carry a concealed weapon, even though it is against the law in NJ, Lance says sure, come on in with your handguns. That is disgraceful, but true.

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I’m sure Lance thought that vote would just go under the radar and no one would notice. I’d like him to publicly explain that vote.

I don’t know about you, but  I don’t want  someone from Texas sitting next to me and my kids in Starbucks packing a Glock 22. But if Lance had his way, apparently that is exactly what he wants. Thankfully, our Senate had enough sense and decency to vote it down.

So if that’s voting with your conscience, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you too.   

When it comes to sensible gun control, 70 percent of New Jerseyans in a recent Quinnipiac poll want a federal ban on large capacity magazine clips, 69 percent want a federal ban on military style assault weapons and 90 percent want universal background checks. And in Lance’s words this is a “moderate” district. Yet his continued focus exclusively on  the mental health regarding escalating gun violence while disregarding the obvious proliferation of military style assault weapons so readily available in neighboring states is inexcusable.

Lance says that any ban on these types of excessive military artillery is not a Congressional matter but only a states’ matter.  Wrong. When one can so easily buy multiple assault rifles in PA, pack them in their  trunk along with military-style magazine clips, and then can come into NJ and massacre our children in our schools, then it IS a Congressional matter. It IS a federal issue. It is his job to protect our safety FIRST AND FOREMOST, not the interests of the NRA. The job of the NRA  is to sell as many guns as possible, regardless of who it mass murders, even little children in school. Until neighboring states like PA have a ban on these unnecessary military style weapons and military magazine ammunition, we in NJ are NOT safe.

It is clear what his constituents in this district want when it comes to sensible gun legislation—and that includes a federal ban on assault weapons and high magazine clips for the safety of all of us in NJ. So let’s talk turkey, Congressman. It’s time for Leonard Lance to speak for the conscience of his constituents—and no other.  

Leonard Lance needs to be held accountable for his HR 822 vote to bring illegal guns into NJ. He needs to be held accountable for jeopardizing our safety and for his obvious disregard for the sentiments and security  of the majority in this moderate district. And he needs to be held accountable for his continued silence on the issue of gun control as he disregards  the screams from the public.

If he does not start openly listening and acting for the majority,  then there is the ballot box for the public to let their voice truly be heard. 

Karen Egert  


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