We Americans love our jeans.  We really love our jeans, and if you’re me, you love them so much, that you have more jeans in your closet than anything else.  Why is this?  And why is this tradition, born of the days of the western cowboy, still such a staple in the American wardrobe? What is the appeal?  Perhaps, it’s because of our need to be casual and free, like the old west itself.  We never like to be too formal, or look like we’re trying too hard.  It has to be effortless. The style has evolved with the times, and reinvented itself, as fashion does.  Capri fit, skinny leg, light wash, dark wash, high-waist (remember the ‘80s?), bell-bottom, boot cut, low-rise…and back again.  

The good news for us this spring, is that there are so many styles from which to choose, that when it comes to jeans - anything and everything goes.  But choose wisely, because there is a style and brand out there for you, and it will make all the difference.  Once you find that brand, feel confident and stick with it (no matter what the brand-de-jour is!).   Although I own different styles of jeans (and yes, I did purchase a pair of jeggings for the winter, which I wore with leg warmers and ankle boots), I do have a favorite:  boot cut (not overly wide bottom but somewhat flared), in a medium wash with a little stretch to give it a snug fit (lycra, spandex, and elastin are the key words for stretch).   I think the boot cut style is flattering on every woman.  When buying these stretch jeans opt for a size smaller than your usual, because they will give.  Although I do wear my jeans with flats, I prefer them worn with a slight heel, for height and balance.  Wedges are great for jeans.

I’m less fond of the ever-popular skinny jean, because it shows everything, and is hard to pull off, unless you yourself are skinny (and tall with long legs, helps!).  If you can balance this jean with a looser top and a bit of heel, it will help to offset the skinny leg of the jean. 

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This spring, remember to update your wardrobe with the great American classic: jeans.  Find the brand that fits you, and stick with it.  Feel confident, cowgirl, as you ride off into your sunset! 

Melissa Kaplan Guarino delights in sharing her love of fashion with you.