Dear Parents and Students,
I hope this letter finds all of you, and your families, safe and healthy.  As I am sure you all know by now, the Governor of the State of New Jersey, has mandated that all businesses such as ours be closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus.  That being said, Jo-Ann’s Dance Studio will remain closed for the upcoming week.  We will continue to monitor the situation very closely, and will update all of you each week on the status of the dance studio.
I am sure that a lot of you have many questions, and in this letter I am going to try to answer as many of them as I can.  Let’s start with the upcoming week…We will be using our 9-day Spring Break beginning this coming Monday, March 23, 2020.  That means our Spring Break will be from Monday, March 23rd, through Wednesday, April 1st.  The original dates for Spring Break would have been April 9th-April 18th.  Our plan, as of now, is to make up for all lost classes as soon as we get back into the studio.  Right now we can not give more information about make-ups until we know a date that we will be able to return. 
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Vertical Freedom has been continuing to teach some classes online via Zoom.  If anyone is interested in attending these classes in the comfort and safety of your home, please reach out to Tara at (908) 670-4374.  Students of Jo-Ann’s Dance Studio receive discounts for classes taught at Vertical Freedom. Classes being taught online are Pilates, Barre, Flexibility, Adult Ballet, and Yoga/Pilates Power Flow. Any of our teenage students can take these classes.
This next issue is something I thought long and hard about, but in order to keep the studio above water, I have to address it.  I am totally understanding of the fact that many of you are not working because the Coronavirus has closed your jobs.  My staff has not been working, or getting paid.  The rent for the studio has not been paid, and without monthly tuition, I do not know how the rent will be paid.  As of right now there are many tuition accounts that are past due.  A tuition account is considered past due if you have not made a tuition payment through March.  Payments will be accepted by mail, or by credit card.  I will waive all late fees at this time.  You may call me at my home (908) 756-0656 with credit card info and I will be happy to take your payment over the phone.  If you would prefer to mail them, please send checks to… Jo-Ann’s Dance Studio 4475 South Clinton Ave. South Plainfield, NJ 07080
Jo-Ann’s Dance Studio has been in existence for 42 years, and I am determined to not let this COVID-19 virus be the thing that permanently closes the door.  But I need everyone’s help and support during this very uncertain time.  As the studio needs your support, I too will support all of you as best as I can, so that every child can come back to dance classes, no matter the family financial state.  Let’s all try to work together so that we can come out of this stronger, closer, and more supportive of one another!