Dear Editor, Friends, Neighbors and Residents,                                    

As we wind down on the Primary Election Cycle which ends on Tuesday, June 3, I feel it is necessary to provide the truth and clarity around some of the comments that are being published in Letters to the Editor.  

Last week it came to light that we, as a Township, missed filing for a grant in 2013 for 2014. This is undeniably true and the person who missed the deadline feels terrible about it, as do I and our Administration team. There is no good excuse and none offered. We will now put in place a policy and make a recommendation to the Council so this error is not repeated.  The fact is that the entire council was copied on the grant letter and knew about this grant and is only now reacting to it. During the debate, which you can still see on Comcast 34 and FiOS 47, my colleague stated that he did not expect the Mayor to follow up on every grant. Now, in his letter to the Independent Press, he states that it is. The fact is that not every grant comes through the Mayor’s office. Some go directly to the departments for their consideration. We do not have a grant writer on staff.

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In 2013, we did receive over - $345,590 in grants. I do not take personal credit for that, but I am proud of the team here that was responsible for getting it during my tenure for this year. The figure is from the 2014 budget sheets 9 and 9A.

My colleague was the Mayor in 2010 and I am sure that he is equally proud of the grants that were obtained during his tenure - $72,083. The figure is from the 2011 Budget sheet 9 and 9A.  

Maybe $273,507 is the difference between a dedicated Mayor available 24/7 and one who is available on a very limited basis.

During the last 3 1/2 years I have shared with you my vision and plans to improve our Township and have worked hard to bring these to fruition. I feel very positive that the plans are working, in part, as recognized by our 40 position increase in the Sept. 2013 CNN/ Money Magazine ranking as the 6th Best Place to Live in America, up from #46 in 2007.

I was honored to receive the Congressman Bob Franks Award as Outstanding Elected Official in 2013, for my presence during hurricane Sandy and my work with the business community.  I was also made an Honorary Rotarian on Feb. 27, 2013 by the Rotary Club of Berkeley Heights.

Our Township has improved in 3 ½ years, but there is much more to do and you need the time to do it. I have the time and ability as demonstrated during the past 3 ½ years. Now I need your support.

On June 3rd, I need your vote. I am on the right side of the ballot, Joseph G Bruno 7F Berkeley Heights Independent Republican. Together we can keep Berkeley Heights “A Great Place to Live”

Thank you,
Joseph G Bruno 7F