Dear Editor,

I have seen South Plainfield go through its ups and downs throughout my time living here, but thanks to Rob Bengivenga our borough is a more affordable and attractive place to call home.  It seems like everywhere I look a new business is opening or expanding.  Rob brings fresh ideas and new solutions to the problems that South Plainfield faces and never lets party labels get in the way of progress.  He worked with stakeholders in the community to bring jobs back to South Plainfield and now our borough has the lowest unemployment and property tax rates in the district.  Partisan politicians in Trenton have a lot to learn from our small town and Rob Bengivenga is the right guy to send a message that we are fed up with the rhetoric and gridlock coming out of the State House. I am supporting Rob Bengivenga for Assembly this year, who I had the pleasure to teach in 1st Grade and watch grow into a man who gives so much back to his community.  I know that he will end politics as usual in the State Legislature and bring South Plainfield values to Trenton.


Lubov Mack