Executive Director Keith Kinard of the Morristown Housing Authority wrote a recent Letter to the Editor defending the actions to stop the activities of volunteers who were providing essentials to the low-income senior & disabled residents on Early Street.

Communication problem?? Misunderstanding? Yes, the "Cease & Desist" letter from the law firm (would you answer my concern about whom they represent?) did not mention any of the reasons that you now do. It only referenced the issue in the Governor's Order # 107 that related to restricted travel during the COVID-19 crisis. Nothing further in that letter, sir. Now you write with a completely different explanation.

The bottom line is that the seniors were NOT getting their needs met. At the time, there was a gap in services and plans were obviously not yet put in place to fill that gap to take care of them immediately. Besides food, there were many donated rolls of toilet paper (as can be seen in the photo)and other items that you had locked up, as well. God knows that it was difficult for anyone to get some toilet paper, let alone your residents. And, the transportation services for them had already stopped. In fact, other agencies and programs in town were (and still are) accepting assistance from the community. Do I need to list them?

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And the volunteers wore masks and gloves and knew how to use them. Would you like to see some pictures?

Mr. Kinard, I drive past those buildings almost every day and can barely get by the fire trucks which are there on a regular basis. I suspect because some are a little absent-minded and leave a toaster oven or burner on and set off the alarm. For several days while they were fed there were no calls that I know of. The day that I wrote my letter I said to a volunteer, "watch, here come the fire trucks again! (since they would once again have tor cook for themselves). Check your records, Mr. Kinard, because the trucks were there the following morning.

I've become pretty clear who butters your bread. To be honest, I'm aware that it took the intervention of a certain Senator to get things moving from a locked storage room over there.

We all will get old, sir, and karma is a bitch.