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"Like Crazy": A Tale of a Long Distance Relationship


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Movie: “Like Crazy”: A Tale of a Long Distance Relationship
December 3, 2012
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The truth about long distance relationships is that they are difficult and, in order to be maintained, a lot of work from both people needs to be put into it. Depending on the people, long distance can mean several hours apart or across the county or even between two countries. “Like Crazy” makes a strong effort to show the ups and downs, although mostly downs, of a long distance relationship.

A British student, Anna (Felicity Jones, “Chalet Girl"), and an American student, Jacob (Anton Yelchin, 2009’s “Star Trek”) meet in college in Los Angeles and begin dating. When Anna’s student visa is set to expire and she is expected to return to London, she instead stays with Jacob, blatantly ignoring the warnings that not following the rules of the visa may make any subsequent traveling an issue. After eventually returning to her home country for a visit, she is (as expected) barred from reentering to the United States. The couple continues their relationship via telephone calls and the occasional visit to London by Jacob, but it becomes very clear very quickly that neither of them is prepared for the tax being separated would take on them. They often alternate between being belligerent, bitter and naïvely optimistic when they are together. Ultimately, they are forced to evaluate their relationship and decide whether or not it is worth continuing.

“Like Crazy” is not a film that is going to leave you feeling good; if anything it will make you feel depressed at the possible future the characters may, or more likely may not, share. The movie is filmed almost informally and, allegedly, was primarily improvised by Yelchin and Jones, who only had an outline of what was supposed to happen in a scene and the overall story, but they were given the ability to create their own dialogue. This information certainly explains why the dialogue tends seem so casual for the majority of the scenes. Yelchin and Jones do a fantastic job showing the emotional ups and downs of their characters relationship, while still playing the entire thing realistically; the self-doubt, anger, obsessive love and uncertainty the actors portray brilliantly. Throughout the film you alternate between rooting for their relationship and hating their decisions, but a lot of their bad decisions really just prove how young they both are. Generally, “Like Crazy” is a realistic portrayal of the young love between two naïve adults hoping to prove the old adage of love conquering all.

“Like Crazy” is rated PG-13 for sexual content and brief strong language and runs 90 minutes. It is available for purchase or can be seen on Netflix.


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