LIVINGSTON, NJ — The Livingston-based certified public accounting and advisory firm SobelCo has announced that Mariana Moghadam and John Mellage have been named as members of the firm.

According to managing member Alan Sobel, both individuals had already made significant contributions to the firm’s leadership group in their previous roles as Senior Managers, working with clients, colleagues and the community for several years.

“The SobelCo partnership team welcomes John and Mariana, acknowledging the depth of their technical skills but more importantly, their industry specific-knowledge and their business acumen,” said Sobel. “We appreciate their insights and their pragmatic approach to providing clients with smart solutions to complicated and complex business challenges. Naming these two as new members was essential for us as we position the firm for a bright and prosperous future.”

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Sobel noted that both Moghadam and Mellage have had a positive influence on the firm’s success with proven track records earned by serving business owners in key niches across the region.

Moghadam, whose public accounting career has spanned more than two decades, assumed the role of tax director when she joined SobelCo, also taking on the responsibility of directing the firm’s real estate practice. This dual role acknowledged her depth of experience in the real estate sector as well as her extensive tax background, according to the firm.

Working with private and public companies across a range of sectors, Moghadam’s expertise serving real estate and construction is where she delivers distinctive benefits. As such, Moghadam assists SobelCo’s clients by applying specialized real estate consulting services such as analysis of complex acquisitions and dispositions, guidance on deal structures, tenancy in-common structures and like-kind exchange transactions.

When the announcement was made at a recent SobelCo Town Hall meeting, Moghadam said she was honored to be named a member.

“I know that admission to the partnership of a public accounting firm is an accomplishment that takes commitment, dedication, perseverance and hard work, which I would not have been able to do without the help and guidance of the people surrounding me,” she said. “But I am truly most proud to be recognized for my internal role as a leader and mentor for our staff.

"I am looking forward to leveraging the knowledge I have gained over the years to help our clients navigate through complex tax regulations and to structure deals and transactions in the most tax efficient manner.”

Mellage also spoke open being named a member, noting that he looks forward to continuing to draw on his passion for serving family businesses as a key driver for his own career.

“I have always been intrigued by the unique characteristics that families in business share,” said Mellage. “From their pride in the family reputation, to their approach to a long term commitment that focuses on preserving the business for future generations, to their dedication to ensuring a lasting legacy, these families are not only the life-blood of our economy, they are the foundation of our firm.

"Working with closely held clients who are expected to juggle the emotional side of the family while effectively managing the business challenges has always been the most rewarding part of my role.”

Whether through evaluating clients’ business and personal goals, sharing industry trends, offering strategies or developing solutions, Mellage said that the intimate connection he is able to develop with clients as their trusted advisor is the key to what he does.

“I have worked with family-owned businesses my entire career, and watching them achieve their goals has always the most meaningful aspect for me,” said Mellage, whose understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing mid-size, privately-held clients gives them a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, according to the firm.

According to SobelCo, drawing on his abilities managing audits, compilations, reviews and other attestation engagements for clients of all sizes—from start-up entrepreneurs to established companies with revenue up to $400 million—has enabled Mellage to have a meaningful impact. This is especially true in the areas of retail, manufacturing/distribution, nonprofit and construction, where Mellage has spent many years of his career.

“As we look ahead, framing our short-and long-term strategies for success and sustainability, it is critical for us to attract and retain key talent like Mariana and John,” said Sobel. “With this in mind, we are constantly reaffirming our commitment to our people, which has always been at the foundation of our 63-year-old legacy for excellence.”

SobelCo is a full-service accounting firm in Livingston specializing in family business and not-for-profits. For more information, visit the Sobel & Co., LLC website.