LIVINGSTON, NJ – On Thursday, the Livingston Library held “Science Tellers: Dragons and Dreams,” which was one of many summer interactive events for summer reading program participants.

Andrew, the “science feller” as he called himself, provided a magic show that used science, rather than ordinary magic to educate the youth of the community. His show combined magic tricks and scientific facts including the turning of dry ice into its gas form, while making it both entertaining and educational for the community.

Head of Youth Services at the Livingston Library Anna Coats explained that the “summer reading program has been science themed.” She said she allowed the science show to take place in order to connect science and education in a fun and engaging way for the summer readers. In addition, she said that Andrew “is great with the kids” and that he “really knows how to engage everyone.”

Andrew agreed that he “loves teaching the students in a fun way” as he also engaged the parents in his show and jokes. The summer readers of Livingston Library were very engaged as well, as most students raised their hands to be chosen as helpers during his science show. Students also remained in an interactive relationship with “science feller” by responding to all of his questions in a positive and excited manner.