LIVINGSTON, NJ — When SiriusXM’s The Highway named the up-and-coming country duo LOCASH’s single “I Love This Life” the No. 1 country song on this week’s Hot 45 Countdown, it was also the first No. 1 for Livingston resident David Shulman’s record label Reviver Records. LOCASH, who was signed to Reviver Records earlier this year, has remained in the Top 10 for an unprecedented nine weeks and finally reached the top spot Saturday. 

Reviver Records President and Chief Executive Officer David Shulman, known professionally as David Ross, and his country-loving wife, Jen, known in Livingston as “YogaJen,” wake up each Saturday to hear whether their artists LOCASH, Blackjack Billy or Lucas Hoge have made the cut for the three-hour country countdown of Nashville’s top 45 hits. This week, not only did LOCASH obtain the top spot, but Blackjack Billy’s single “Why God Made Summertime” also went up three spots, their live version of “The Booze Cruise” was unexpectedly played, and the label’s newest artist Lucas Hoge’s song “Halabamalujah” debuted immediately following the countdown during The Highway’s “On the Horizon” program.

After hearing the tune, according to David, Jen almost broke the floor in their Livingston home jumping for joy at Reviver’s accomplishments. 

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“I was screaming—I mean, West Orange and Millburn could hear me,” said Jen. “When [Storme Warren] said, ‘will Thomas Rhett hold on to the No. 1 spot with Crash and Burn this weekend?’ and then he said, ‘no he won’t,’ I knew they hadn’t played our song yet and I knew then that we were the No. 1 song.” 

LOCASH has been chased by fan-favorites like Thomas Rhett, Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt for months — all of them listening in to SiriusXM’s countdown hoping to hear their song No. 1. When “I Love This Life” jumped to No. 5 in May, Jen said she and David never expected to remain in the Top 10, let alone gain the status of No. 1. Jen said she did, however, know the song could be a massive hit when David met the duo in Jan.

Before David signed LOCASH, the duo had three singles, “Little Miss Crazy Hot,” “Best Seat in the House” and “C-O-U-N-T-R-Y,” that were all acclaimed but never received the attention “I Love This Life” is getting now. The band’s biggest accomplishments were the No. 1 single they wrote for Keith Urban called “You Gonna Fly” and the Top 10 hit “Truck Yeah” picked up by Tim McGraw. With Reviver Records, the Shulmans say the duo has been receiving a lot of love through Sirius XM and Nash FM and through the listeners and fans on Facebook who have finally voted LOCASH No. 1. 

“Every country band that we have stays after their shows to thank every single one of their fans, to sign autographs and to hug people and that’s kind of the niceties of country music,” said Jen. “I think the Shulman family is kind of like that too: we’re warm and we’re kind and we’re welcoming and I think that country music is also. That’s what makes country music different from everything else.” 

David knew he wanted to work in music professionally when he was in high school, working with artists like Barry Manilow, Stevie Wonder and the Police as a very young intern. According to David, he owes much of his love for the music business to his father, who was the first American that the Rolling Stones met when they walked off the plane in 1964. 

Following in his father’s footsteps, David found Reviver Records through an ad on about a charity that was looking for an Executive with experience in the music business to get them off the ground, which he successfully did in 2011. Reviver Records began five years ago as vehicle for raising money toward women’s cancer charities, with the music of Paul McCartney at its fingertips. What he found was a compiled list of proven country music stars who were ecstatic to record covers of Paul McCartney’s music strictly for the benefit of the Women & Cancer Fund in Arizona.

Jen, who teaches Yoga in Livingston, fell in love with country the minute her patrons requested a county-music playlist in 2007. Soon the family was hooked, and David knew Nashville was the place to look for country artists to sign under the record label he had built from the ground up. Brian Thomas from Nash FM in NYC introduced David to the duo he considered to be a “Super Group,” and Reviver Records’ journey with LOCASH began.

“I think it’s a really cool thing that a country label was born in Livingston, New Jersey, because no one would ever expect that,” said Jen. “It shows the diversity of America. There are so many people in this state that don’t realize how many country fans there are. There are some rural areas in New Jersey, and Livingston sure isn’t one of them.”

Reviver Records is proud to be bringing country music to Livingston, New Jersey. To the Shulmans, country music is a genre that has so much meaning behind the lyrics. With “I Love This Life,” listeners will learn that there are many things in life to be thankful for.

“The most important thing about this record is that it’s three minutes and ten seconds of positivity,” said Jen. “It’s about the things LOCASH loves: they love country music, they love farms, they love churches, they love country girls—all they wanted this song to be was about things that make them happy.”