LIVINGSTON, NJ — Livingston native Brett Altman, a late-bloomer in the music world who released his first single earlier this summer, recently released not only a music video for his first single, but his second single, “Vacancy Signs,” is now available on all digital platforms as well.

His sophomore single is the first song that Altman wrote with his writing partner, Max Perkins, during one of their first writing sessions together. Inspired by the concept of crushing on an older woman, “Vacancy Signs” has a summer vibe to it that has gotten extremely strong praise over the last few weeks, Altman explained.

He said the lyrics are relatable to anyone who has daydreamed about “someone off limits” and has lost focus or productivity because of it. He and Perkins intended for the song to be playful and humorous, and Altman said that many have taken well to the message.

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“We were joking about how growing up you have daydreams and get distracted so easily by the different crushes in your life and how it could still happen when you’re and adult, so we decided to write a playful song about that concept,” said Altman, who added that the song really came together when he and Perkins played it in the studio with fellow Hoboken-area musicians. “The electric guitar solos that Maxwell Feinstein came up with gave it a very summery, laid-back pop sound. That made it I think.”

Noting that the song makes “a perfect complement to summer,” Altman is encouraging his listeners to add it to their “sunny-day, happy-mood playlists.”

“That’s kind of the vibe that Max and I want to keep going for,” said Altman. “Even though the next two songs we’re releasing are about breakups, they’re upbeat breakup songs as opposed to being about anger, sadness and bitterness. We want to invoke acceptance, love and positive messages.”

Altman, a Livingston High School graduate of 2009, debuted the following music video to his first single, “Come Find Me,” in July during a live show at Piano’s in New York City, and said he has received extremely positive feedback since.

The song was inspired by a conversation with his sister, Hayley Altman (Class of 2012), and has a message of being there for loved ones. The single was distributed through The Orchard, a music company owned by Sony Music Entertainment, thanks to an IndieNation songwriting contest that Altman won.

After debuting the video and then singing it again live with a band, Altman said it was a special moment and a humbling feeling to have 50-plus people singing along to his lyrics.

“It takes a lot to put something out there,” he said. “It’s a lot of work and then you don’t know how people will react, so it was nice to see everyone reacting so positively.”

He also said his favorite part was seeing how enthusiastic his family and friends were, particularly the ones who sang the group vocals in the recorded version of the song.  

“I didn’t realize the impact at the time, but when you put out a song and have your friends sing in it, it’s much more special than when it’s just you by yourself,” said Altman, who added that even those who hadn’t known the song prior to the music video release were singing along by the end.

“I’m thankful to everybody who has been listening to the song,” he said. “You put out music and you think no one pays attention because it’s such a crowded market, but we’ve had a lot of people listen to it. I have had a lot of friends share it and it has surpassed my expectations.

Vacancy Signs is now available on all digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Altman is due to release two more singles in the coming months and looks forward to continuing writing. To follow along with his newsletter click HERE.

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