LIVINGSTON, NJ – The Livingston Township Council focused their discussion on the current state of the police department, in regard to its budget, in a conference meeting on Monday night.

Councilman Shawn Klein, who brought up the issue, questioned what is being done, or lack thereof, to account for the department’s voids.

“If there are 63 policemen working right now, why is there only one open position if they’re budgeted for 71,” asked Klein? “If they’re [Livingston Police Department] not coming here and saying we need this many new police officers, we should be thinking about streamlining that budget item.”

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Mayor Michael Silverman, who agreed with Klein “1,000 percent,” recommended that this be brought to the immediate attention of both Township Manager Michele Meade and Police Chief Craig Handschuch.

March 9 Resolution Set for Road Improvements/Company

After receiving 13 bids for the Four Inch Mill and Pave, the Council elected to go with Ischia Corporation to make improvements along Burlington Road, Camelot Drive, Collins Terrace, Collinwood Avenue, Crescent Road, Keystone Drive and Mount Pleasant Parkway. Fixes will include minor drainage improvements to reduce standing water and icing, repairing ramps and milling of the roads, among others. The resolution will officially be introduced on March 9, and if passed, will allow work to begin in the spring time, according to Deputy Township Mayor Russ Jones.

Shuttle Update

The Council discussed a new development regarding Livingston’s Shuttle Service—it is expected to be “self-sustaining” by this year’s second quarter, with revenue being produced by this point. Mayor Silverman summarized the concept as being “less out than in.”

Note: On Monday, Dec. 15, the Livingston Town Council voted to approve a three-year inter-local agreement with Essex County to provide shuttle services effective Jan. 2, 2015. Transdev will be fulfilling the County’s transportation contract. Livingston will be getting a 2011 shuttle that sits 26 people and can accommodate 10 standees. Click HERE to read more.

Upcoming Events

  • April 23 (6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) – El Mac will be hosting an event at the Livingston Public Library.
  • June 13 (tentative) – The Muscular Dystrophy Association will host Olliepalooza, a carnival (potentially to be held at the Oval). To read about last year’s event, click HERE.

Editor’s Note: The dates, times and locations mentioned above are subject to change.