CLARK, NJ — Mayor Bonaccorso confirmed that the site of the former A&P (Foodtown) on Westfield Avenue is under contract. The building, which the mayor has referred to on numerous occasions as Clark’s eyesore, has remained vacant since 2006.

In February, Bonaccorso moved to have Clark’s Planning Board investigate whether the site of the former supermarket qualified as an area in need of redevelopment. This was the first step in the town’s action toward condemnation of the property. 

During that council meeting Bonaccorso said that many developers were interested in the property and he urged the owners to work toward making a deal. He committed that the town would suspend condemnation actions when there was “a bonafide contract that passes the board” in place.

Bonaccorso indicated that the although only preliminary, the plans for the space include retail space on the ground level and apartments above with parking and an open courtyard area.