Bright Songshine  is a brand new creative services company that offer private and small group lessons, as well as custom written children's songs. Our lessons are available for all, ages 7+. Yes! That means you too adults. 

Our vision at Bright Songshine is to be accessible and affordable for all those that wish to focus on their creativity. We offer lessons in: Voice, acting, audition prep, monologue, beginner guitar, beginner ukulele, songwriting, dancer stretch, musical theater and more! Lessons are private one on one lessons, or small group (no more than 4 people) upon request. We use private and small group lessons so that you can truly focus on your craft. This enables you feel more confident in settings of larger classes or auditions. 

We are currently offering virtual lessons, with the additional hope to go local and in person in the near future. Though virtual lessons may seem daunting or hard, we strive to see the positive in this new virtual world. Our instructors are located in various locations around the country. This allows clients the opportunity to study with someone that they may not get to see locally. From Broadway actors, to musical directors and performers, our instructors are some of the best, and are excited to add new students into their schedules. Check out  to see the A-Team we have teaching with us! Virtual learning also gives those working from home, those with kids or with little time the opportunity to learn from their homes in a safe and comfortable environment (we don't judge those pajama pants your wearing!)

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We feel very strongly about keeping ourselves accessible and priced within reason so all can afford to study and get creative with us. We also want to ensure that we support our communities, so each month we donate a portion of our profits to a new arts organization and highlight them on our website. 

If you or someone you know are interested in lessons, please visit our website at to check out what we have to offer, as well as pricing and scheduling. 

Questions? Email us!