Wynnewood, Lower Merion Township, PA --  Emergency dispatchers at the County 911 Dispatch Center were deluged with calls for help from residents and passersby on the 400 block of E. Wynnewood Road at Chestnut Avenue today.  At 3:08 PM, a car spun out of control and left the highway.  


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Photo by Mike Bannan


The four-door medium-sized sedan lost control on the bend at Chestnut Avenue, rammed a tree on the side of the road.  After bouncing off the tree, the vehicle crashed throw a fence, sliding to a halt on the side yard of a property next to 404 E. Wynnewood Road.  The lone driver was injured in the crash.


Photo credit Mike Bannan


Narberth, Police, Lower Merion Police and the Medics from Narberth Ambulance were dispatched to a reported accident with injuries.  A Police Supervisor on the scene told TAPinto that the car was traveling East on E. Wynnewood Road which is on the Lower Merion Township side of the highway, which divides the two municipalities.  

Medics from Narberth Ambulance along with Lower Merion Police Officers were able to extract the victim from the vehicle.   The car appeared to be backed into the spot where it settled. Tree branches enveloped the car making it harder for the EMS and Police to extract the victim.  How the vehicle ended up in the position would have to be answered by the Traffic Safety investigators from Lower Merion Police.   

The highway was partially blocked by tree limbs, branches and auto parts that were flung from the stricken vehicle. 


Photo by Mike Bannan


According to the Police, a middle-aged female driver, a township resident was removed from the vehicle on a backboard used to stabilize her neck and spine.  While her injuries did not seem severe to look at Medics approached her removal and transport with an abundance of care. Airbags deployed in the car and the steering wheel and dashboard showed signs of damage.  By 3:29 PM, the medics had rushed the woman to Lankenau’s Emergency Department, which is the feeder area for Lankenau’s Class One Trauma Center. 

Eleanor Goodman, who moved on to the block about two years ago reported that the fence had just been replaced less than two weeks ago from a previous accident.  

“I think it's about time to put a traffic light in here to stop these accidents,” Goodman stated.  “Accidents are happening here quite often,” she went on to say.


Google street view image from Nov 2018 shows damaged and missing fence at the location of today's accident.  


Police crews fully opened the road and all units cleared by 4 PM.           

The vehicle was removed and towed to the Lower Merion Impound Lot by PJ’s Auto Service on Rockhill Road in Bala Cynwyd.  

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