Ardmore, Pa - Lower Merion Township officials raised the annual fee for registering security alarm systems by 4 percent. At a public meeting of the township commissioners held tonight at the township administration building at 75 E. Lancaster Ave. a vote was taken and approved to raise the fees.

The across the board increase will take yearly residential alarm system owners costs up to $70.00 per year.   Commercial systems registration will cost upwards of $ 110.00 per year.   With little discussion and no public comment, the vote was taken and passed. Various fines in the original Township Code regulations are not affected

The annual security alarm fee was implemented in 2000. The fee was established to encourage alarm users to carefully monitor their alarm and to cut down on false alarm activity for the police department.  Any alarm system that is not registered that has an activation will be issued a citation of $300, plus court costs, for each false security alarm activation.

The annual security alarm billing is typically mailed out annually in January.