MADISON, NJ – Compensation for crossing guards came up for discussion at Wednesday's Madison Borough Council meeting.

Councilwoman Astri Baillie said a salary and benefits survey is being conducted and that compensation would come under the police department.

“The crossing guards should be treated fairly,” board member Carmela Vitale said. “We should look at different areas and expand the number of school guards, for obvious reasons. She cited Central Avenue as one area that needs attention. Neighborhoods are changing.  Empty-nesters have left and more children are moving in,” she said of many areas in Madison.

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Mayor Robert Conley suggested finding out if other towns have guidelines for shifts.’”It’s prudent to do this with the police department,” Councilman Robert Landrigan said. “It’s the right way to go.”

The council also adopted a resolution for medical oversight with Atlantic Ambulance Corporation to participate in the Naloxone (NARCAN) program.

Borough Administrator Ray Codey said the drug overdose antidote could be administrated by a first responder once training is completed. “This will be one of the first in the county,” he said.  Landrigan added, “It is lifesaving. I’m happy the department is doing this. It’s a great first step.”

In another matter, Chief Financial Officer  Robert Kalafut presented the 2014 best practices checklist.  He said he answered no to five questions: collective bargaining – 2 percent or less a year; flood insurance program – Madison is not eligible, audit findings – segregation of duties and centralized collection system; late filing and procurement cards for goods and services. Madison does not participate, he said.