Tomorrow, April 9, is the citywide Earth Day Cleanup in Summit. While many of us do not need a specific reason (or day, for that matter) to get out and hug some trees, it's always fun to gather your pals and go do some good.

The Summit cleanup is taking place from 9 AM until noon at sites around town. For more information on where to go to help out, email, or you can just show up at Briant Park off Butler Parkway or Martinsbrook Park off Morris Avenue on Saturday. Walk-ins are accepted in those locations.

But here is some advice on what to do before, after, and all year round to make every day more like Earth Day.

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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, but first …

It takes resources to manufacture and transport allproducts, even those made from recycled content. At the very least, energy is spent. Spending these resources leaves the world poorer, not better off.  So do what you will if you are itching for something new, but don't kid yourself. Buying nothing is better for the earth than buying green.

No Idling

Stopping unnecessary vehicle idling is not just an easy way to contribute to improving air quality and respiratory health in our communities, but can also save fuel and money.  So the next time you are stopped and waiting in your car, think about turning it off, and breathe a bit easier. 

Walk to School and Beyond

Walking instead of driving is a no-cost way to get our children and ourselves moving more each day.  Plus, it keeps vehicles off the road, which creates a more pleasant environment for us all.

The fight for a clean environment continues in a climate of increasing urgency, as changes resulting from global warming become more severe every day. The City of Summit Environmental Commission invites you to be a part of Earth Day, and to get involved in affecting positive change in your community all year long.