Haitian Flag Day (officially May 18) is a major national holiday in Haiti, where the flag is a symbol of great pride. The flag features the coat of arms of the Republic represented by a palm tree (symbolizing independence), and the legend In Union There is Strength.

The Maplewood Library will be holding its own celebration on Saturday, May 19, from 10:30 am until 1:00 pm at their Hilton Branch at 1688 Springfield Avenue. The festivities are family-friendly, free, and open to all.


Mynkea Macenat from Passport to Haiti will start the day off with Haitian Folktales beginning at 10:30. Traditional games, including marbles, jump rope, hopscotch, checkers and dominoes can be played throughout the event, and a tasting of Haitian cuisine will start at 11:30. Woulibam Restaurant will provide black rice, deep fried pork, Haitian meatballs and spicy cabbage for participants to sample.

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The celebration is sponsored by The Friends of the Maplewood Library

LibraryLinkNJ, Passport to Haiti and Woulibam Restaurant