Travels ventured to the exotic land of Las Vegas this past month to hear from experts who made “Star Wars:  The Last Jedi” come to life.

As part of our coverage of the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, Travels attended the center stage event, “’Star Wars: The Last Jedi’: Join the Rebellion”.

We are unabashedly Star Wars nerds at Travels.  So, when we have the opportunity to hit the the sunny glitz of Las Vegas or sit in auditorium and listen to Eddie Pasquarello, Marla Newall, and Erich Ippen, we picked the latter.

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Who are those folks?  Eddie was the VFX supervisor for the “Star Wars:  The Last Jedi”. He is also known for his work Avatar and Pacific Rim.  Marla served as the matchmove and layout supervisor for Last Jedi.  Her previous credits include “Battleship” and “Avatar”. Erich, lead LookDev technical director, whose work includes “Cowboys and Aliens” with Harrison Ford and “Pacific Rim”

“Over the course of its storied history, the ‘Star Wars’ franchise has constantly pushed the boundaries of what visual effects can achieve,” introduced NAB Executive Vice President of Conventions and Businesfs Operations Chris Brown. “Not only are we looking forward to hearing firsthand how this leading creative team brought one of the most anticipated ‘Star Wars’ films to life, but also what the next generation of technology has in store for the future of visual effects.”   The team delivered in Chris’ epic introduction.

The filmmakers took a deep dive into the filmmaking magic behind The Last Jedi with explanations that will baffle parents and energize their children.  If you want to encourage your children into the entertainment production field, we suggest connecting them with this team.