Buriram, Thailand - English Camp. If you are an English teacher in Thailand, you have definitely heard or engaged in English Camp. If you are not a teacher in Thailand, English Camp is a day where students play in English activities created by the foreign teachers.  It is similar to a field day with a touch of craziness, pinch of language barrier obstacles, and a heaping tablespoon of love.

To prepare for the impending pandemonium, I took a deep breath and abandoned rigid expectations. Since living in Thailand, I realized things can switch at any moment...literally at any second; therefore, I chucked any concept of concrete ideas and followed the laughter of children.

I prepared a fun, interactive game called "Mummies at Christmas" for my small group station.  The children LOVED it. I mean who doesn't want to wrap someone in toilet paper and stamp a Christmas sticker on their face? Anyway, the success of the this games lied in the students vigor and intrinsic motivation to complete the task. I recommend you do a kinesthetic activity as well. More time moving, less time misbehaving. For my big group activity, I chose the "Cha, Cha, Slide" song and this did not prove to be as successful. Technical difficulties occurred which set the tone for chaos. I eventually regained control and completed the dance, but the students were not as passionate as I hoped. Looking back, I should have had a plan B. I highly suggest you prepare a plan B option. As stated earlier, things change at a drop of a hat.

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Lastly, partake in the laughter and have fun! Even though you will be drained, day dreaming about sleep, and questioning your sanity, the joy, happiness, and awe debuted by your students will be absolutely contagious. You, their teacher, will physically see all of your hard work paid off by the amount of smiles, hugs, and cackles generated. It is one of the most beautiful things to witness...to see the exact moment you make an imprint on another human's life. Priceless.

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