Happy New Year Kenilworth! I hope the Christmas holiday was good to you all. May this year bring you all good health, fortune and plentiful blessings. New Year is a time to honor and reflect on our past successes and failures. Let go and to celebrate the potential of a positive future! 2017 brought our borough some challenges but I am looking forward to an exciting third year as your Mayor. So, let us all say goodbye to the old and bring on the New Year!

Thank you to all the municipal employees who throughout the year keep our town up and running. It is by your work ethic and professionalism that our borough maintains a standard second to none. Kudos to the many people who have come out and volunteered in the various events throughout Kenilworth, it truly “takes a village”. Many things have happened with you all donating your precious time and effort to make special moments.

I am looking forward to working with everyone to continue to make Kenilworth one the best places to live, work and to raise a family. Effective communication and a positive attitude are what makes our community thrive. I am grateful and honored to be your Mayor, and I am proud to live in a town with so many wonderful people. 2018 will have its challenges, it will have its successes, throughout the year keep in mind the Kenilworth’s success depends on all of you. Sure one person can make a difference, but if we work together we can accomplish anything!

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In closing, let me say that life is too short to go through it bitter and resentful, every day is a gift. I hope and pray that all will realize the good things we have, even the little things and be grateful we are all still here to enjoy them. I believe from the bottom of my heart, that with all our strength, resources, and capabilities and by working together, using our intelligence, and experience, we will overcome any challenges and bring our best foot forward for the better of Kenilworth!!

God Bless you all and God Bess America!