PARSIPPANY, NJ - Mayor Soriano attended an official ordinance signing yesterday at the Boonton Reservoir which will open walking trails to the public while protecting the quality of the water that is collected there. The effort was a combined one between Mayor Soriano, Mayor Steve Fulop of Jersey City, the Open Space Institute and the Jersey City Environmental Commission.  The master plan of the recreation site will alson incorporate the Parsippany Police Department and the Morris County Park Patrol to assure safety of all those who enjoy the recreational and educational area. 

You can read the full Press Release below:

Jersey City Signs Ordinance to Improve Boonton Reservoir Land With Open Space Institute, Securing Environment and Enhancing Water Quality 

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JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop was joined by Parsippany-Troy Hills Mayor Michael Soriano in consultation with the Open Space Institute (OSI), the Jersey City Environmental Commission (JCEC) and other stakeholders, to sign an ordinance creating a plan focusing on the protection and safety of the Boonton Reservoir, as the area opens to the public with walking trails. Through City Ordinance 18-04, a master plan will be created to maintain the quality of the water for drinking purposes while providing security to the area for the first time.

“Our administration has been working hard with OSI, JCEC and the towns surrounding the reservoir, Parsippany and Boonton, to ensure that the water from the Boonton Reservoir will remain protected, finding ways to increase water quality and secure access as we look to create walking trails,” said Mayor Steven Fulop. “Increasing quality to the environment and to the drinking water is of top priority, but this plan additionally provides our Jersey City students a new opportunity to understand how the facility works on future educational field trips.”

The Open Space Institute will study and assess the land to create a plan, including educational components.  The administration will also work the Parsippany Police Department and Morris County Park Patrol to enhance security in and around the reservoir area.

“The Boonton Reservoir Protection and Trail Project establishes long-term strategies to ensure the families of Jersey City maintain access to safe, reliable drinking water, while expanding passive recreational opportunities,” said Terrence Nolan, OSI Senior Vice President.  “In addition to employing natural, land-based solutions to address problems such as storm water runoff, OSI looks forward to working with our partners in pursuit of potential land conservation projects throughout the Rockaway River watershed to protect water sources now and for future generations.”

“Having an active recreational facility on site would require regular maintenance and supervision, overall increasing security measures around the reservoir, where there is currently none in place,” said Fulop. “The OSI will create a plan that aims to preserve the environmental integrity of the entire area. Additionally, we will develop a plan for Jersey City Reservoir #3 in the Heights.”

The agreement for the 1,300-acrea reservoir site, will span 40 years at a cost of $1. The Boonton Reservoir has been Jersey City’s primary water source since 1904.

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