Assemblyman John F. McKeon applauded a partnership that would allow local artists to be showcased at the West Orange Public Library, following the donation of a public space to the town's Arts Council for this purpose.
The announcement was made during the Monday night kick-off of this collaboration under which the library has dedicated an area for the exhibition of visual artists. A different artist will be featured every four-to-six weeks.
"We have a vibrant arts community that invigorates the spirit of West Orange and whose work illuminates the hearts and souls of its residents," McKeon (D-Essex) said.

"This initiative continues a proud tradition of supporting the arts in West Orange. By providing a nurturing environment for artists to share their work, and interact, with members of the public and other art lovers, we will be fostering the development of local talent and a wider appreciation of art. I commend the Public Library and the Arts Council for this enlightened and innovative partnership."
A community mural was also unveiled at the event that was painted by West Orange residents at a recent Township picnic.
A long-time supporter of the arts and one of the state's foremost advocates for the environment, McKeon funded this mural with the theme of water conservation. This is in keeping with the West Orange Energy Commission's initiatives.

"This community mural is environmental advocacy in action. It exemplifies the responsible stewardship of the people of West Orange when it comes to protecting our natural resources. Residents of all ages came together to create this piece of art. I am proud to be part of this initiative," McKeon said.
Assembly Deputy Speaker John F. McKeon also serves as Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Chairman. He was mayor of West Orange for 12 years from 1998 to June, 2010.