LIVINGSTON, NJ — Life is busy. You wake up every morning setting out to juggle the family’s needs, work responsibilities and household chores; it is easy to forget to take care of yourself.

When your to-do list gets in the way of taking time to feel good, it’s time to re-evaluate your priorities. One of the quickest ways to feel better fast requires just 15 minutes each day to meditate. Before you roll your eyes and claim you don’t have the 15 minutes to sit in silence, stop and think about the time wasted on social media, or the extra minutes you could save by prepping your day the night before. You can find the 15 minutes, or even just five minutes will do!

When you meditate you clear your mind from the constant chatter of what has to get done, what’s not getting done, the stress you feel from not taking care of yourself, and all the other non-sense that doesn’t serve you.

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If you’ve never meditated before it can feel intimidating, even one minute can feel like an hour. A good place to start is with guided meditation, where you will be coached by a soothing voice into letting go. Try googling a guided meditation to start. Or if you’re looking to practice locally with a group of other like-minded people, CardioYoga Studio in Livingston is offering a FREE 15-minute Guided Meditation every Tuesday at 10:45 a.m. Each week will have a different topic, think self-love, relationships, money, career, sleep, etc. For the 15 minutes you will be transported out of your daily stress into a place of inner calm and relaxation.

When your mind is centered and your goals are clear, you can actually accomplish all your tasks faster. Reflect back on a day where things were just happening efficiently and effectively for you. Those super focused days can be available to us every day with the practice of meditation.

To sign up for the free meditation class or to learn more about CardioYoga, visit