SPOTSWOOD, NJ - Charlie Spicuzzo has lived in the borough for 40 years and served as a member of the Spotswood Borough Council from 2008 until 2012. On November 6, Spicuzzo is seeking one of the three open seats on the council and is running against Councilman Curtis Stollen, Councilman Ted Ricci, Dawn Crandall, Marylin Israel and William Kraemer. Stollen and Ricci are seeking re-election and are running together on one ticket.

"Spotswood is a fundamental part of my life," Spicuzzo said. "My family has been in this community for almost 100 years. My grandmother was born on Adirondack Avenue in 1922. I am seeking a seat on borough council to keep Spotswood a community where families want to move into and raise their children."

Spicuzzo and his wife, Denise, have two sons who are both students in the Spotswood School District. The pair have been married for 17 years. Spicuzzo graduated from Spotswood High School in 1994 and began his apprenticeship to become an electrician afterwards. Spicuzzo has been a member of the I.B.E.W. Local Union 456 for more than 20 years.

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"Having grown up in this town I love the small town feel," Spicuzzo said when asked of his favorite things about the borough. "Our school system is excellent. We have hard working teachers and staff as well as devoted parents in our community. Our first responders are second to none as is our police department who interacts socially with the community and allows the residents to form a relationship with the department. Our fire department is full of dedicated volunteers that are always there in time of need. The recreation department helps our children learn and develop skills they will use for the rest of their lives."

Spicuzzo feels his previous time spent on the borough council will be an asset if he is elected in November. Since his departure from the council in 2012, he has continued to attend borough council meetings in order to stay informed about the borough's "issues and concerns."

"Having served on the council in the past I have knowledge of how our borough government works," Spicuzzo added. "The relationships I have built over the years will help me serve the borough well."

"The traffic and congestion on our major roads needs to be addressed as do the conditions of our roads and sidewalks," Spicuzzo said when asked what he feels are important issues impacting the borough currently. "We need to add more sidewalks to the community to make it safer for the pedestrians and our children to get to and from school. We need to continue to work on the lake project to beautify our town. I would like to see our parks upgraded and our sports fields improved. The redevelopment of Main Street and the addition of new businesses would greatly benefit our community."

"My main goal is to serve the voters," Spicuzzo continued. "My plan is to communicate with and listen to the residents of Spotswood. I want to work with resolving any issues or concerns that the residents may have. Our council has an obligation to inform the residents where their tax money is going. If elected I will be available for any and all residents who have questions, concerns or complaints. In the past when a resident had a complaint I would go to their home to discuss their issues further. If elected I will never forget that I am in this position because of the voters and plan to serve them well."