Meet the ElemMates

June 30, 2014 at 8:44 PM

The ElemMates are here.

Initially only virtual at, then dramatized in Evie & the ElemMates novel, now the ElemMates, atom-sized element beings, are giving Atom City tours in ElemMates Events at local stores, venues and schools.

Evie Sparks, our human liaison, blasts us into the city. She and her ElemMate friends guide visitors through their Periodic Table based metropolis. Explore hot spots and discover fun element related activities, crafts and cool science.

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Leslie Wallant, a Westfield Designer and Educator, created characters to hook kids into Science and STEM subjects using Arts, Fantasy…and the material world. The premise being sci-fi fantasy has been shown to spark interest in real scientific pursuit. (Note Jules Verne, The Jetsons and Star Wars influence on real science and technology.)

Endorsed by Westfield’s Curriculum Superintendent, Edison Intermediate School science and art teachers and the Gifted Program. ElemMates has also caught the interest of The Liberty Science Center and The World Science Festival Foundation.

ElemMate Events immerse everyone into the Sci-Fi fantasy ElemMate story with narrations from the novel, images from the website and dramatizations by character figurines on the Atom City map. This leads to explanations of basic scientific information about atoms, elements, the Periodic Table, molecules and particle physics as well as geology, gemology and materials science. STEM disciplines are used to encourage invention and innovation to design Atom City products, interior design and urban infrastructure and possible subsequent development for real world projects using established Engineering Design practices. The fantasy aspect encourages storytelling, performing arts, social action and of course real scientific pursuits. These and other activities and games about specific elements follow.

 The website is a recommended research source. The website’s Atom City Map allows close up views of each element both as a fantasy urban destination and for detailed information about the real element including it’s discovery, properties and uses. Artistic uses and explanation of the Atom City architecture is also given.

Other areas of the site give Engineering Design steps, a basic Periodic Table Chart, diagrams of atomic structure and molecular formation. Activity Page give real suggestions for projects and exploration in the real world. Visitors are encouraged to form on the ground Science Clubs; all the documents and forms for forming a Club are there available for downloading and printing. Links and Blog connect to Science oriented websites and Events.

To add more concrete activity to the ElemMate Curriculum, cards are available to learn atomic structure and properties. The cards can be used for classic card games and unique ElemMates games with instructions on the website. Each card has game, science, craft and social activity suggestions. The cards can be clipped to allow building of structures and molecules.

The board game used in the ElemMates Events is a socially interactive game where players build molecules as they take on the persona of ElemMates characters moving about the city, socializing and bonding with other ElemMates.

The ElemMates Events experience can be enriched by reading the novel, Evie and the ElemMates.  In this coming of age Science Fiction Fantasy for middle grade readers Evie has adventures, romance, misery and resolution in her home town as well as Atom City. Sold in local stores and at Amazon and B&N.



            First Tour:

 Sonia Sodium and Claude Chlorine’s Salt Fest,

9:30am-10:30am, and 6:00pm-7:00pm, July 15 at Savory & Spice Shop. POSTPONED UNTIL AUG. 5

Join Evie to visit Sonia Sodium and Claude Chlorine’s houses. They’ll give us their “bio”, their Atom City lives, and their real atomic structure and properties, demonstrating how the two get together to bond into salt. We’ll see how real table salt is made. We’ll discuss other “salts” like potassium, it’s importance to life and other uses besides food.

Then we’ll have a “salt tasting” of Savory & Spice Shop’s array of different kinds of salt on fresh popcorn! Perhaps we’ll even do the ElemMates Bonding Dance! There will be unique ElemMates collectible building cards, the novel autographed by the author and even a special Sonia Sodium & Claude Chlorine Salt Shaker.

            To sign up, contact Savory & Spice Shop: P: (908) 264-8947


    Second Tour:

Silvia Silicon and Octavia Oxygen’s Summer Crafts Tour

Two day tour is 9:30-11:30 July 22 and July 29th at FireMeUp Studio.

Evie takes us to Atom City to connect with Octavia Oxygen, Silvia Silicon and friends. We’ll visit Atom City sites getting familiar with their social life stopping at key Atom City spots sharing their activities with them. Then we’ll see how they all bond into a silica molecule for sand and clay, then into glass to discover the truth about sand, glass, clay and paint. While the ElemMates explore and create, so will we.

When Silvia and friends go to Atom City’s art supply store, beach, craft studio and museum, everyone will work with clay, glass, paint and sand to make ElemMate character figurines, objects for Atom City, jewelry. Creators can even make figurines to connect into molecules.

We’ll take breaks to hear the Evie story from the Evie & the ElemMates novel, play the board game and card game and even do the ElemMates Bonding Dance!

To register go to FireMeUp Studio, Cranford, NJ: Phone: (908) 272-2600  Email:



            Third Tour:

Pot Luck with Coppella Copper, Ivan Iron and Al Aluminum

Friday, August 8th , 11:00 to 11:45 at Williams-Sonoma.


See Coppella, Ivan and Al in the Cook Ware Competition. We begin with an introduction to the ElemMates, element characters, and Atom City, their Periodic Table based metropolis. We’ll discuss real elements, atoms and the Periodic Table.

Then we’ll home in on metals. First we’ll meet our three Metal Mavens at their homes to interview them on their home turf. We’ll find out about their lives in Atom City, who their friends are, their interests, their history.

Then we’ll find out the real facts about these real elements: copper, aluminum, iron: their properties, where they are found, how they are refined, what things are made of them.

Let the competition begin! We’ll pit pots against pots. We’ll see how they work in the hot spot. It’s all about how these characters conduct themselves in the heat. We’ll wager and guess which cooks faster, better, more evenly or without burning.

Then we’ll snack on the best!

For ages 8-13

Sign up at: Williams-Sonoma, 127 Central Avenue, Westfield, NJ

Phone: (908)301-0075. Email:

Go to: Junior Cooking Classes


Other possible upcoming Events:


            “Water with Octavia and Heidi” at the Memorial Pool

            “Gems and Jewelry” at Just Bead Yourself


Contact Leslie Wallant for more information.


Wallant Design



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