PARSIPPANY, NJ - Matt DeVitto, Debbie Orme and Tim Berrios are running for seats on the Parsippany-Troy Hills Board of Education.  Election day is officially November 3, 2020 but since it is an all vote by mail election, Parsippany residents may be receiving their ballots shortly and will be asked to fill them out and mail them via USPS or drop them in a secure drop box.  

Here are the bios and background of the candidates running on the Vote 1-2-3 team, Matt DeVitto, Debbie Orme and Tim Berrios.

Matt DeVitto

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I have been a resident of Parsippany in the Lake Intervale section since December of 2014.

My wife and I have three children ages 14, 9, & 9 attending the Township Schools. I have had the honor of serving on the Board of Education for the past three years. During my term I have served on the Transportation, Buildings & Grounds, Sports, Communications, Personnel, & Policy committees. I have been a network engineer for 21 years with FIS Global, a financial services company.

I feel today’s children need a good grasp of today’s modern technology to further many of today's academic goals. I am active in intramural sports in town coaching with the Parsippany Soccer Club and Par-Troy West Little League baseball. I do see the value of extracurricular activities to supplement our children's academic education.

Debbie Orme

Debbie Orme, a near lifelong, Parsippany educated resident and alumni of PHHS is asking for your support for her re-election to our Board of Education. Debbie grew up in Parsippany during a time when our schools were overcrowded and some students, like herself were bounced around from school to school till finally settling in permanently at Brooklawn and the Hills. Those difficult, transitional educational years left a lasting impression on Debbie, so she knew early on in life that making a positive impact on our educational system and improving our school district was an important goal of hers. Fast forward many years later and Debbie Orme has the experience needed to continue to improve education in our district, even during these unique and challenging times with no need for a time consuming learning curve when thoughtful yet quick and important decisions are needed.

Debbie Orme served previously on the Parsippany BOE from 2006 to 2012 when she chose not to seek re-election after her second term. During that time she chaired the Teaching & Learning Committee, her passion, for nearly her entire tenure and served on a variety of committees bringing our building expansions to fruition, gathering experience and championing the technology advancements in the district. Debbie was instrumental in the development of the District Safety and Transportation policies and was a key member of the Demographics Committee that developed the referendum and school expansion plan. Debbie also helped to successfully negotiate seven mutually beneficial and fiscally responsible contracts with four separate collective bargaining groups. These varied experiences through service over the years definitely puts Debbie in the best position to help guide our district through both the unique circumstance of today as well as getting the basic business of the district accomplished efficiently.

Debbie Orme is and has always been a dedicated and vested volunteer in our community. As the parent of 4 Parsippany educated, PHHS Alumni children and 3 grandchildren, 2 of which are old enough to attend Parsippany public schools, she has a direct firsthand understanding of the needs of our students, parents and staff. As a Parsippany property owner, Debbie has a first hand understanding of how the direct and important decisions made by our BOE impact our property values and taxes. These perspectives ensure that she is experienced and well equipped to put our students, staff, parents and ultimately, education first.

Debbie has volunteered over the years on several community and regional non-profit board of directors, has served as PTA President, PGT President, Project Graduation, as Scout Leaders, sports coach, an animal foster and as a church service coordinator. Debbie is grateful to have been appointed back onto the Parsippany Board of Education last Fall and looks forward to hopefully being able to continue to serve our community as a BOE member for the next three years as well. She humbly requests that you please consider voting for her in the BOE election November 3rd, 2020

Tim Berrios

Hi! My name is Tim Berrios and I am running for your Parsippany Board of Education.  I have been a proud Parsippany resident since 1990.  My wife Kathleen is a lifelong resident and a product of the Parsippany school system.  Kathleen is a 1st grade teacher for over 30 years in the Livingston school district. Kathy and I have 3 children: Karley, Kristina, and Kathryn.  All our children have come through the Parsippany School system and have graduated from PHS.  Karley works in higher education, Kristina is a high school teacher in the New Providence school district, and Kathryn is a sophomore at The College of New Jersey, studying education.  My brother and sister are also educators; Tom is the President-Principal of Roselle Catholic High School, and my sister Robyn is a Physical Education/Health teacher.  So, as you can tell, education has been and will continue to be a responsibility that I hold in high regard.

Professionally, I am the director of Information Technology – Infrastructure for a reinsurance company in Morristown, NJ.  I have worked for this company for over 22 years and I have been in the Information Technology field for over 30 years.     

I have had the honor of proudly serving on your Board of Education since August 2014.   As a Board of Education member, I work with 8 other dedicated volunteers doing our best to serve the children and community of Parsippany. Although we have faced many difficult challenges and sometimes need to make hard choices, we continue to keep our priority in servicing the students, teachers, and taxpayers.  Below, I will list some of our accomplishments in which I am proud to have had a role:

  •  Assisted in the development of the Board of Education Mission Statement - Adopted: 12/15/16.  Co-chaired the Superintendent of Schools Criteria and Search committee.
  • Continue to hold the position of chairman of the Critical Issues Committee.
  • Continue to be an active member of the Finance Committee; I have helped to assure Fiscal responsibility, maintain the 2% cap, and make sure the administration has the funds they need for programs. 
  • Had the honor of being a member of a delegation of teachers, supervisors, and board members that traveled to Xian and Zhuhai, China to represent Parsippany.

However, what I am most proud of is celebrating the achievements of the Parsippany students through all of their activities. I have been lucky enough to attend numerous football games, concerts, musicals, and other various school events. Some of my most fond memories include volunteering with other Parsippany parents as part of the PHS Marching Band Field Crew. Each year, I look forward to attending the middle school and elementary school moving-up ceremonies and high school graduations to see our students take the next step in their educational endeavors.

Why am I running for the board? Well, we have been through a lot as a district over the past six years, and as I look over the horizon, I see more room for growth and opportunities for the school district. Already this year, we have had the challenge of distance learning while living through a pandemic. As a district, we have lost over $600,000 in state aid and have been able to decrease the budget without affecting one program. In 2021, our tasks are not any simpler; we need to maintain the current academic levels that we have set forth in our strategic plan. We need to make sure that all of our students and staff are able to come to class in a safe and healthy environment. Finally, we need to make sure that as our Township is growing and changing, there is a Board of Education that has the experience, the commitment, and the wealth of knowledge to help guide the district through those challenges.  Our district deserves board members who are dedicated to serving our schools, and are willing to give 100% effort to ensure that we continue to be a safe, high-achieving, and fiscally responsible school district.

I am an individual with the dedication, experience and ability to make sure that the Parsippany Troy-Hills school district is always on the right track. My main goal is to keep the best interests of our students and teachers in heart and mind. With that, I humbly ask you to support me in my re-election! Thank you for your time and support!   


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