One of the most well-known and recognizable symbols of joining couples through love is the wedding band. The wedding band originated in the deserts of North Africa where Ancient Egyptians made their rings from the plants growing out of the Nile River’s bank. The river brought fortune and life to the Pharaoh’s people, so the plants that grew on the river were said to also bring fortune and life to marriages. Today we may not use plants but wedding bands still show a couples devotion to one another.

Men have many choices when shopping for weddings bands; however, most seem to select very traditional wedding bands.  Since 90% of engagement rings sold are platinum, it’s also the metal of choice for the groom’s wedding band. According to the Platinum Guild, the source for the latest platinum news and industry reports, it’s also of incredible value relative to the current price of gold.  This platinum band, by Leiberfarb, is a popular choice for today’s groom.

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Not all men choose to wear their wedding bands. Much has been said in the news lately when Kris Humphries had been spotted without his wedding band. Some occupations actually prevent men from wearing their wedding bands. We have found that some of our clients are still using “plants” by choosing to have a tattoo of a wedding band!

If you are looking for that extra special band to symbolize your eternal love, George Press offers unique and customizable wedding rings.  With George Press’ beautiful designs and customizable options, you can design a unique and perfect-fit wedding ring to display your undying love.

Special engravings can also be accommodated or you can design a custom piece from the ground up.

Why have the same wedding band as someone else when you can distinguish your love from others with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry?