I have gathered up some easy to follow "Mental Health Minutes" that you can add into your daily life. It's easier to take babys steps and see your small changes working. Give the tips a try and see how you feel.

1. Are you living in the now? Ask yourself - what can I do now to make a difference in my life? Start small - live big!

2. Appreciation - name at least three things in your life that you appreciate right now

3. Gratitude check - every day be grateful for what you have and visualize what you will have. You can't get somewhere unless you can see it today.

4. Watch your thoughts. Your thoughts control your behaviors.

5. Emotions are contagious. Whether you're positive or negative, it will affect other's moods for the day. It's the domino effect.

6. Self-care - you should always be your # 1 priority. How can you take care of others, if you can't take care of yourself?

7. Watch your actions - be a role model for your children. Kids learn through actions. Watch what you say but more importantly watch how you act!

8. Give yourself a mental health minute - take a break and enjoy the day!

9. Smile - we know your facial expression affect your mood. The more you smile, the happier you will feel.

10. Show someone you love them today. We are visual learners. Express yourself through your actions. Give a hug, a warm embrace, a touch on the shoulder, a kiss, etc.