The power of the universe amazes me each and every day. 

For the past 4 months I haven’t been able to be away from my baby for more than three hours.  She will only take milk straight from the breast and refuses any foreign object that goes into her mouth.  Not only is this difficult for me but also for my loved ones who have bravely taken the challenge of watching her while I am out.  God forbid I am 20 minutes late and they try to give her a bottle!

It has been really difficult for me mostly because this was not the way I expected it to be.  My intention was to give Savanna a bottle from day one and go back to work after only taking a month off.  Since I am self-employed I don’t get to enjoy things like paid maternity leave or time off.  Don’t get me wrong there are so many other benefits to having my own business, namely having all the time I want with my 2 little girls.  Although as much as I love being with them I also know how important it is for me to have time by myself to recharge and be with other adults sans kids.  When I take this time and return to my family I feel like a more capable mother and that I had time away to really appreciate what I have.

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This experience has also really brought into light for me the wisdom of the universe.  While in my head I had the intention of having this baby and then going on as though my life hadn’t just changed dramatically.  The message that I keep getting goes a little something like this, “SLOW DOWN JENNIFER!!!!  Your little ones will only be this small once and you need to spend as much time with her as possible.  Before you know it she will be all grown and you will long for the days that you spent falling in love with one another”.  My response to that was, “I HEAR YOU UNIVERSE!!  I know that what you are telling me is true but sometimes my ego longs for more.  More stimulation.  More adult conversation.  More time by myself.   It is just so hard to slow down sometimes.  Then the gently reminds me, “ I know it’s hard Jennifer and that is ok.  Just try to be present and have compassion with yourself, especially when you are sleep deprived.”   So I said, “Oh universe.  You are so wise.  I trust in you.”

I trust that there is a reason for everything.

I trust that certain people come into our lives at the right time.

I trust that just because I have passion and commitment that I will be successful at whatever I put energy into.

I trust in the process of my journey.

Are you listening to what the universe is telling you?  Begin to pay attention to when your ego is running the show.  Generally you will know this because it will be based around the wants of ‘I’.  Such as, I want more time by myself or I want things to be different then they are.  When we are in line with our true self there is no need for ‘I’ because everything is ‘one’.