Methacton School Board Director Joyce Petrauskas Resigns

Joyce E. Petrauskas, photographed here during her arrest in Florida for DUI, resigned during Tuesday night's school board meeting. She'd handed in her resignation and was no present at the public meeting. Credits: Pinealls County Sheriff's Department

Those that attended the Tuesday night monthly work session of the Methacton School Board noticed more than a change in the start time. Due to the Pennsylvania primary elections, the usual 7 p.m. start was rescheduled and pushed back to 8 p.m. But that was the least noticeable alteration.

Those in attendance also saw the table of the board shortened by one seat. A noticeably missing nameplate had been removed. No green and white sign bore the name of “Joyce E. Petrauskas.”

The former school board president and finance committee chairwoman was a no show at the meeting, and a short announcement was made at the beginning of the night to explain why.

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Current school board president S. Christian Nascimento said she had resigned during last week. Previous attempts by LP TAP to reach the administration or school board members went unanswered when asked to confirm rumors on Friday, May 16 about such a resignation.

“Final announcement, I’d like to announce that I’ve received the resignation of Joyce Petrauskas as a school board director, and I would like to ask the board to accept her resignation,” said Nascimento during the May 20 meeting.

A motion and second were made to accept it, which unanimously passed by the now eight-member board. The president then asked Dr. David A. Zerbe, school superintendent to put an announcement out to the website and release the news to local media. Nascimento also asked that he solicit for resumes of interest for candidates to fill the now vacant seat.

“The board has 30 days from the date of resignation to appoint a replacement for Ms. Petrauskas’ term which is until December 2015,” said Nascimento.

As reported previously by LP TAP, Petrauskas was found guilty of driving under the influence near Clearwater, Fla. on May 9. Her arrest was not mentioned during the school board meeting, nor was any explanation offered. There was no statement from Petrauskas, and she refused to answer repeated attempts of contact from LP TAP.

Petrauskas’ name has been removed from the school district’s website, which lists the district’s board of directors.

For the full report on her court case, visit the LP TAP story here. In a October 22, 2013 meeting, a call from the public was made to ask for her resignation as local citizens found out about her mug shot and arrest. Petrauskas denied that she was involved and, despite her image begin released from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, said she was the victim of “an Internet crime against me.”

“My information was stolen, used against me, and misused,” she stated in the meeting, which was recorded via video and noted in the meeting minutes. Petrauskas went as far as mentioning that she’d even had her lawyer draft a letter to the superintendent to explain she was not the one involved.

Despite several attempts to have the evidence, which included a 911 call from another driver, a three-minute video evidence from a police car’s dash-mounted camera and video of her field sobriety tests, thrown out in court, Petrauskas was found guilty of Driving Under the Influence. She was ordered to pay fines totally $933 for the incident.

The recordings of the three aforementioned pieces of evidence have been requested by LP TAP and will be published as soon as they are made available by the Pinealls County Sheriff’s Department in Clearwater, Florida. 

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