MIDDLETOWN, NJ: Middletown residents got to learn proposed new traffic and other ordinances, and listen to Mayor Perry issuing a proclamation about women’s rights. There was also brief discussion about the upcoming new Town Hall and Middletown’s Styrofoam recycling program, at the Township Committee’s Feb 3rd workshop meeting. 

The meeting’s first topic of discussion was about the new traffic ordinances being proposed, which are meant for Sunnyside Road.  The ordinances say that a segment of the road running from Middletown-Lincroft Road to Everett Road will be now be treated as a “through street”; and that the speed limit will now be set to 25 miles an hour all along the road, down from the current 35 miles an hour now in part for parts of the road.  

The “through street” designation for parts of that road means that the township will now install additional stop signs, and the speed limit change is meant to reflect the additional residential development that has taken place there in recent years.   

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Both of these ordinances were approved at the meeting by the Township Committee.

Sunnyside Road, as well as the Middletown-Lincroft and Everett roads, are all located in Middletown’s Lincroft section.  

Next for discussion was another ordinance, this time about changing the number of deputy chiefs that can be appointed to Middletown’s Police Dept. This ordinance was introduced by the committee during the meeting, and the committee gave its initial approval – but it also scheduled a public hearing for its next meeting on Feb. 18th before any decision is made about a final approval. 

Afterward, Mayor Perry issued a proclamation about women’s rights.  The proclamation honors the centennial, or 100th year anniversary, of the 19th Amendment (which allows women nationwide the right to vote) being added onto the U.S. constitution.   The amendment officially became part of the U.S. constitution in August of 1920, with the state of New Jersey ratifying it in February of that year.

Following was a mentioning by Township Administrator Anthony Mercantante about a “Sustainable Jersey” grant application of $2,000 by Middletown Township’s Green Team (which helps promote ways for Middletown to become more environmentally friendly) in order to help fund some of their media and community outreach efforts. 

“It’s a small grant to do some media and promotional items for the green team’s sustainability efforts that they’re working on,” Mercantante said. 

Mayor Perry then followed up with his take on the grant application and the Green Team in general. 

“The Green Team is now on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and they’re really doing, I think, a very good job,” Mayor Perry said. “On top of the recycling education that the town has started to undertake last year - to be able to build on that (for $2,000) is a small price to pay when you talk about the education that people are receiving on how to properly recycle certain materials.  It’s fiscally responsible.” 

Afterward came committee comments, during which Committeewoman Patricia Snell mentioned the Mayor recently winning a public service award. 

“Congratulations to the Mayor for winning his public service award (from) the Eastern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce,” Snell said. “I think it was well-deserved.”  Snell then went on to say that she plans on working with some of Middletown’s women to honor the 100th year anniversary of women gaining the right to vote nationwide. 

Deputy Mayor Fiore then remarked about the recently established local Styrofoam recycling project, and how it has been much more successful than previously thought.

“I thought it was going to be a Christmas phenomenon,” he said.  “But it’s much more than that, because every time I go to the recycling center, whatever day I go, those bins are packed.  It’s a great project to undertake, and I’m glad we’re doing it.”

Mayor Perry then provided additional comment on the Styrofoam recycling project, thanking those who run the program. 

“The job you guys are doing, it’s just unbelievable. Writing the manual on how to do it because no one else does it is critically important. Every time we put a dent on it (the Styrofoam recycling bins), it fills its way back up.”

Last but not least, local resident Don Watson asked Mayor Perry about the latest updates for the new Town Hall construction, and Mayor Perry replied that the first construction related activities for the new building were expected to start at some point before the end of this month.